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Monday, July 12, 2010

Crate Training...

This is the second video of Lucky, one of our rescued dogs, and his clicker training with the fabulous Thunder Shirt on!!!

Lucky has only ever been in his crate twice in his life:
- the first after he was neutered and so was under anasthesia
- the second was when we moved house and we pretty much had to drug him before we could get him into the crate.

We tried all sorts of things, from putting his food into the crate, tossing treats (just like in this video) into the crate, actually sitting in the crate ourselves, BUT nothing worked.

Now after 2 short weeks of TTouch, the Thunder Shirt and clicker training, Lucky seems to be quite happy getting into the crate and even lying down!!!

Note: Cleo (the yellow Labrador) is of course overseeing and supervising the entire exercise.

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retriever said...

Nice film over cliker training, good continuation
Hello from Belgium
Louisette+2 golden Primrose's Dream Cerise+ Zitablue du Bosquet Mignon.
Have a nice summer.
See page links golden kennel + my blogs