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Monday, July 12, 2010

Crate Training...

This is the second video of Lucky, one of our rescued dogs, and his clicker training with the fabulous Thunder Shirt on!!!

Lucky has only ever been in his crate twice in his life:
- the first after he was neutered and so was under anasthesia
- the second was when we moved house and we pretty much had to drug him before we could get him into the crate.

We tried all sorts of things, from putting his food into the crate, tossing treats (just like in this video) into the crate, actually sitting in the crate ourselves, BUT nothing worked.

Now after 2 short weeks of TTouch, the Thunder Shirt and clicker training, Lucky seems to be quite happy getting into the crate and even lying down!!!

Note: Cleo (the yellow Labrador) is of course overseeing and supervising the entire exercise.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lucky and The Thunder Shirt

This is a video of Lucky - a dog I rescued almost 3 years ago. We love him to bits but he has been one of the most challenging dogs I have ever had.

We have never been able to put anything on him except a collar (and even then we risk being bitten!).

Recently I attended a course on TTouch and Clicker Training with Sarah Fisher and her TTouch Team in Bath, UK. The lessons I have learnt from Sarah and her team have been most enlightening.

I have been using the Tellington Touch on Lucky and "clicker" training him for just 2 weeks and the results have been amazing.

In this video, I am putting on a Thunder Shirt (a specially designed shirt for dogs with various issues) recommended by Sarah Fisher.

This isn't a very elegant video (as I am still learning alot about clicker training), but there are 2 main things to note:

1. I have now managed to get the Thunder Shirt on Lucky in 1 minute 20 seconds.
2. Lucky has not snapped or growled at me like he normally does.

When I first started two weeks ago, it took me 30 minutes!!!

Will be posting more videos of Lucky and his progress with the clicker!