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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A number of you have indicated that you were unable to understand parts of the you Tube clip that I posted previously as it was in Malay. I have only just had the time to translate the video, and I hope that this will be helpful.

I am also reposting the video here...

Note that the relevant parts of the video are from 01:18 - 05:00

01:23 – 01:56 Sub title: You Tube clip – violence against animal overseas

01:57 – 02:22 Suraya: It was by chance that I saw cruel killings of dogs and cats, where the dogs were strangled to death, and the cats were drowned in containers of water. And If they didn’t drown, they would beat the cats till they died.

02:44 – 03:09 Presenter: This is what was alleged by people who contacted 360. Based on this 360 went to the pound located in DBKL’s Health Department in Setapak. This visual was recorded at 8am last Friday.

04:06-04:15 Presenter: According to Suraya these activities commence as early as 7am involving over 15 workers.

04:16 – 04:41 Suraya: I tried to complain to the relevant depts, like the Animal Control Department, SPCA etc. Most of them said that they were unaware of this problem. However, this should not happen anyway. Although they are dogs and animals, we as humans must have a heart and feelings, and must protect the rights of these animals

04:42 – 04:54 Presenter: If the allegations by Suraya and Chan are true, these cruel killings of the animals must be stopped immediately. 360 will endeavour to broadcast the response from these accused parties involved next week.

The video can also be watched at . You just need to register on the website to watch it.

For pictures of what happened at the protest, please see Facebook. Although I was personally not there, I was horrifed at what my friends discovered - the pictures were heart wrenching... I cannot understand how anyone can have the heart to treat other living beings this way...

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