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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Dear all,

Received this email from a friend... It'll be great if someone can give them a good home. Please call 019-3576477 for details.

Dear people,

Meet Yasmin and BamBam - they are part of a family of eight pups who became orphans when some cruel humans bashed their mother to death.

Luckily some kind people rescued them and they are since being fostered all over Klang Valley.
Yasmin and BamBam are currently living in a kind auntie's place but the auntie can't keep them as she does not have the space.

The problem is that both BamBam and Yasmin are very close and their rescuer hopes that they would be adopted by the same family.

Recently Yasmin went to live elsewhere for a day and poor BamBam was simply miserable and both the pups had a joyous reunion when Yasmin returned to the kind auntie's house.

So, please, please kind people - please provide a loving home for both Yasmin and BamBam - its ok even if you can take only one.

Its better that they are separated than being homeless and destitute.

Please call 019-3576477 for details

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Cleo with her 2009 license!
Hi all,

Just a quick reminder that it is the New Year, and all of you should be re-newing your dog's license. If you haven't got one yet, please go and get one...

We got ours re-newed very easily. This year MPAJ has made it even easier to get new dog licenses in that they will issue the licenses on the spot, instead of having the 2 weeks approval period as before!

So now there's no excuse of being worried that they will NOT approve your application and therefore take your dog away!

So please go and get your licenses to avoid getting your dog into trouble with the council and the dog catchers!!!

We have licenses for everyone now - Cleo, Lucky, Rascal & Jesse...



Some weeks back, an emaciated dog was rescued off the streets of Klang. I posted the article from The Star here.

I have just received some updated pictures of the dog, and am pleased to say that the doberman is recovering, and looks like a completely different dog, although he has a long way to go...

So if any of you are interested in sponsoring the abandoned Doberman’s treatment or adopting it can write to

Here are some before and after pictures.

On the day the doberman was found

A few weeks later...
I guess what I'm trying to say is that all it takes is a little bit of care and kindness... Who would have thought that this poor dog would even live another day when it was found...

And more importantly remember that

A Dog is for LIFE

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hi all
Last week, before I returned to England I stumbled upon these 2 dalmations in the Ampang Jaya area. They seemed like they were abandoned but I couldn't be sure. Anyway after going to see them daily and feeding them, I have concluded that they are indeed abandoned.
Plus my friend Leigh and Joanne have been following up on them since Saturday, and have confirmed that the owners no longer want them.
Please let me know if any one of you would be interested in adopting the both of them together. The male is a bit dominant, but the female is very sweet natured.
Please leave me a note here or email me at on Facebook immediately if you are interested, and I will put you in touch with Leigh and Joanne to arrange for adoption.
thanks guys. Please help pass the word round.
Also more photos on Facebook.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hi all

A friend of mine rescued these 2 dogs about 2 months ago from off the streets. She has looked after them and they are now in good health and condition.

They have been vacinnated and neutered. Unfortunately she can't keep them as she already has several dogs.

Please call Amy if any of you can give these 2 lovely dogs a good home together. Her number is 012 283 0973.


Boy - Male
Age - Approx 2 years
Breed - Spitz Mixed
Girl - Female
Age - Approx 2 years
Breed - Mixed

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Smokey the Cat
Age: 6/7 years

Hi all

I have a male cat for urgent adoption. Please email me at if you are interested.

I picked him up in front of my house yesterday as he was injured. There were 2 open wounds - one on his ear and one on his neck. He has already been to the vet, and so I am currently treating his wounds.

We have also taken blood for a full blood test, so we should know his condition pretty soon.

He is a really friendly and gentle cat, and is about 6/7 years old. He will be a reall handsome cat once he is better...

I would appreciate it if one of you could give him a good home. I need him to be adopted urgently as I will be heading back to London this Friday...

Please pass the word round. Thanks guys.