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Monday, October 13, 2008

DOUGLAS LIM on TOUR with Harith Iskander

Hi all,

Douglas will be doing another round of stand up with Harith... Wish I could be there to watch... Anyway here are some details... Please do go and watch the show if you have the time, and tell your friends about it too...


Harith Iskander takes his stand up comedy show on a nationwide tour for the first time ever! With the equally funny Douglas Lim as support, they will be hitting all corners of Malaysia with a rocking show of Malaysian style humour.

If you've never seen them before then this is your best opportunity to catch them ... but if you have seen them, you know that you wanna go again. If you enjoy comedy and you love stand up, then this is the show you MUST catch.

Here are the tour dates and details. They're coming to a town near YOU!

VENUE: Shang Ri La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa
SHOW: Nov 3 (Monday) PRICE: RM143, RM123 and RM93.
TICKET OUTLET:Sabah Tourism Board, Sri Pelancungan Sabah.

VENUE: Marriot Resort and Spa
DATES: Nov 7 & 8 (Friday and Saturday)
TICKET OUTLET:Marriot Resort and Spa
Visitor Information Center, Miri

VENUE: Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel
DATE: Nov 21 (Friday) PRICE: RM143, RM123, RM93, RM63
TICKET OUTLET:Crown Plaza riverside Hotel
Visitor Information Center, Kuching

VENUE: Eastern & Oriental Hotel
DATE: Nov 28 (Friday)
PRICE: RM143, RM123, RM63
TICKET OUTLET:Northwind Intellec Sdn Bhd

VENUE: Plenary Hall KL Convention Center
DATE: Dec 12 (Friday)
PRICE: RM203, RM143, RM103, RM93, RM63
TICKET OUTLET:Axcess Tickets -