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Thursday, April 03, 2008



Not sure how many of you remember Belle... Belle is our beagle - well she lives with Auntie Marie and we used to visit very often. Cleo and Belle were fast friends when they were younger... but it has been awhile since we've taken Cleo to see Belle... mainly cause our schedules have been chaotic...

Anyway we went to see Belle last weekend and here are some pictures... :)


Pippa said...

Hello Natasha
Yes I did know about Tata - the negotiations have been ongoing for some time. (The other original potential buyers were Mahindra and a private equity group).

But given that it was previously owned by Ford - it was hardly English before. Once it was sold to BMW it stopped being "English" in terms of company ownership.

On the Land Rover forums that we visit, the general consensus is that the Tata acquisition is the best option for LR. Tata has a good record and a very shrewd chairman. Hope this reassures you somewhat.


Snowball said...

Did Cleo tag along for the visit? Belle is beautiful.

Amber-Mae said...

Belle is a sweety pie...Have not seen or read about Belle before so now only I know that you have another dog.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer