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Sunday, March 02, 2008


And here are pictures of Lucky when he was a wee pup...

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Amber-Mae said...

He was a cute mutt! Now he's all grown up. My neighbors have three puppies roaming around the streets & the owners don't care about them at all. Mommy likes the pups a lot but the owners are not liking the fact that she likes & cares for them. My mommy gives them food becoz they're not fed sometimes & their mother who mommy named Poocha but her original name is Bobby (why the name Bobby when it's a female?) is a friendly mongrel. Mommy even gave her a new collar becoz the old one was broken. But then her owner took it off & purposely threw it out exactly where we walk everyday just to tell us that, "I don't want your things or your help." The owner even killed one of his puppy. Mommy tried to revive it but in the end died. It was kicked hard till it was damaged internally. The owner threw the pup right in the pathway on the same day as the CNY party, where all the guests can see. Mommy moved it further away in a plastic bag. It was still alive then & when my mommy placed it down, it vomited blood. Mommy left the bag open so that it can breath & then went back to the party... It died the next day after many hours suffering. Sigh... Very sad. Mommy thinks the reason why the owner killed one of them is to just show us that, "Since you like them, here! Do something about this dead one." Or something like that you know... Anyway, they just live opposite us so my hoomans don't dare to call MPSJ or even SPCA coz the 1st people they're gonna suspect, is mt hoomans becoz we are the ones who are mingling with the pups. And mind you, the owners are thugs...So, not a good idea to play a fool with them. My hooman M even offered a free spaying for Poocha & then there are people who wants the pups but the owner refuse our offer. I think he wants to get paid.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer