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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lucky is a real monster!!!

Three days ago there was a massive fight between Lucky and Rascal!!!

Basically I was trying to take the garbage out when Cleo suddenly jumped on me from behind. This resulted in me being pushed forward and thus the grilled gate flew open. Cleo then charged out and Lucky followed suit before I could do anything.

Lucky immediately attacked Rascal… who retaliated. And within 2 seconds a full scale dog fight had started.

Cleo then joined in to try and save Lucky… but she was a terrible fighter cause she's just so friendly and gentle. The only thing she had going for her was her weight so she managed to throw Rascal off Lucky a few times when she jumped on him.

I got the hose and turned it on as soon as I could… but Lucky and Rascal were determined to sink their teeth into each oher.

After a bit I decided that the hose was not working… and so I jumped in and dragged Cleo out of it… Shoved her back into the house and then turned the hose back onto the two of them. They continued fighting despite being sprayed with water and I literally had to hose them right in the face at close range before they stopped. I then dragged Lucky back into the house as quickly as I could…

I checked Rascal and he was okay…

Then I went in to look at Lucky but of course as usual he wouldn’t let me check him… but I knew I had to...

I grabbed the steel chain link and went to the kitchen. I knew that both Cleo and Lucky loved sticking their heads out the back door…

I opened the door and true enough they both came running and I managed to chain Lucky to the back grilled gate. Managed to look him over quickly and noticed he had about 5 very small nicks, and his right fore-leg was swollen… He was also covered in saliva and dirt!!!

So I washed him forcibly and dried him… and managed to put some antiseptic on his cuts. He tried to bite me several times and was growling at me the entire time.

Sigh… Lucky is just so difficult it’s not even funny…

Anyway he was okay for the next two days and then yesterday morning, Lucky gave me a real shock when I woke up.

He greeted me with huge moon face! His face was swollen beyond recognition. I knew I had to take him to the vet asap! His face was probably infected from the small nicks he received from Rascal.

But Lucky being Lucky refused to go. We had to sedate him and even then he tried to bite us. After about an hour we managed to get a muzzle on him.Then he refused to budge.

And he wouldn't let Douglas carry him which made things worse. So I had to carry him and I have no idea how I managed to carry him into the car and into the clinic!!! See Lucky weights over 20kgs and that's more than half my body weight!!!

Thankfully Dr John Singham (of Hayward Animal Clinic) managed to sort him out. Lucky had to be put under anasthesia. Lucky was given minimum anasthesia which was good, cause anasthetic can be lethal of not administered properly.

Dr John was an absolute star and worked really quickly and gently too. Then two small incissions were made so that the puss could be drained from his face and neck. His face was also flushed out with saline and antibiotic solution. And he got an antibiotic shot as well.

Anyway Lucky is fine now and he is one LUCKY dog...

He's just got a really strange temperament from the day we got him. I don't blame him for it considering the horrible experience he had with humans when he only a few weeks old.

But we LOVE him all the same...


Katherine and Pippa, said...

OH Natasha that sounds a really bad experience. I would have been freaked. I was nearly sick looking at the photos. Hope everything heals up ok and there are no more fights.


Natasha Fernz said...

Hey Kate

Lucky is fine... so don't worry. The pictures look dreadful cause he had to have his fur shaved off!

The original nick was so tiny - less than 5mm, but it somehow got infected eventhough I cleaned it and put antiseptic on it.

So the cut that the doc had to make to drain the stuff was much bigger hence the nasty pictures...

but Lucky is great now and is jumping around like nothing has happened.

I guess this is the risk when you have two un-neutered males! Lucky is just so very naughty...

I haven't been able to neuter him cause he has had a pro-longed skin problem and my vet always wants all dogs to be in the best of health before going under the knife.

Rascal also can't be neutered cause he hasn't been vaccinated. We're trying to tame him properly before trying to do that...

Sigh... but at the end of it all, I love all of them... I'll just have to be extra careful...

Snowball said...

Wee... what an advanture... I am glad that Lucky is fine.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh geezus! Males fighting, not good! His face is sooo swollen! My gosh. I hope he heals up very soon! Poor boy...They both really need to get along some day. Neutering doesn't really help does it?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Natasha Fernz said...

Hey Amber

Yes having more than one male in the house is not advisable...

We've not had any problems before whenever we have rescued females. But so far I have had serious problems with rescued males being at home.

The last time I got severely bitten by Husky Boy cause of Lucky and had to get 6 stitches as a result. This time Lucky was on the receiving end of his own antics

Well neutering helps in some cases - but it's not a guarantee.

But he's okay now... have't been able to visit many blogs of late cause of work and now am a full time nurse too!!!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hello Natasha, thanks for saying Lucky is well. Incidentally we have had two unneutered males in the house together with absolutely no problems ever. Although when we got Pippa we had to keep him separate from Paddy (tiny Paddy was the aggressive one not Pippa).

Anyway Pippa really wanted to come over and wish Cleo Happy Valentine's Day. So, from Pippa xx for Cleo.

Wandernut said...

OUCH! Poor lucky.
Lots of sayangs for him.

Good thing Cleo didn't get hurt too.

Happy Chinese New Year btw, Natasha.
Sunshine had a blast. She had her CNY Eve dinner IN the house, with the family (usually she eats outside next to her kennel).