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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We have adopted Jesse (a 6 year old female Yellow Lab) and Joey (a 10 year old male Black Lab).

These 2 dogs were abandoned by their owners who moved to an even bigger bungalow! Jesse and Joey were in an appaling condition when they were first rescued!

They are still severely underweight, and are suffering from several problems. We're beefing them up with good food and supplements and lots of love.

Hopefully they will be healthy again soon. I cannot understand how these people could do such things! I would like to urge everyone to think carefully before getting a pet!

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow, they are bootiful! You are sooo kind to adopt them both... I bt they will have a much much better life with you & the rest!

My hoomans just rescued another dog too. It was dying on the road already but they managed to save her from the busy road. All the drivers didn't seem to care about her & they didn't care if they ran over her or not. She's a rare brindled colored Siberian Husky or maybe it's a mixy but definitely, there's Husky in her coz of the markings, fur & size.

She was emaciated & was just lying on the side of the road. My mommy quickly tried to leash her & get her into the car but she walked off & crossed the road. She walks she's mabuk & she didn't care if she got run over or not. I think she;'s so starved then she's gone partially blind. Anyway, my hoomans managed to get her & they rushed to the nearest vet.

She smelled of dead carcass & they wondered why. They cut off the disgusting rotten melted collar & guess what they found on her neck? Two deep maggot holes. Look like Dracula bites. They also saw crawling out of her neck while they were having a conversation. The smell came from there...It was soooo gross!!! Brownish liquid started oozing out from the holes too.

Anyway, she's now under my homans care but unfortunately, she has to be separated far away from us becoz she's got a LOT of problems. She's got tick fever, bad ear infection, skin disease, pust all over her body, skinny, & today, as my mommy was giving her a bath, she discovered that half her tail is broken! It was just swinging around & there's a bone jutting out of her skin...Ouch!

But oh my, the sad thing is that she's less than 1 year old. Still a puppy & she is as gentle as a Golden Retriever you could ever find in this world. She does not complain at all. The doctor dug out all the dead maggots in her neck with a very long tweezer. She was in pain but she just panted & did not yelp. She's afraid of us but she's is so loyal towards my hoomans. I don't understand why she was treated like this? She really went to the wrong hands... It's so sad.

Later this evening, she'll be brought to the vet to get her tail binded. My hoomans also know that she;s not vaccinated & probably have worms in her too becoz she was not cared at all! It's such a pity...

She's now clean & my mommy pulled off all her hair which got stuck with pusts & she's been bathed with malaseb. She stayes behind of our house. It's not an appropriate place to be but what to do? The vets don't want to accept her becoz she's diseased. But her place behind out house is nicely shaded, there's fresh water there for her, her cage is always locked to make sure no one steals her & she gets to eat three times a day. She has already put on 1kg. Very good sign! But the funny thing is that she's not eating like it's the last food in the world! She's quite picky, I'm sooo surprised.

Anyway, she will be under my hoomans care as long as it takes till she's really ok. She will be up for adoption but my hoomans said that they will make sure she doesn't not go to the wrong hands again. She will vet each of those who wants her. And they must pay RM800! No free!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Natasha and Cleo

We so hope these dogs have a good new life with you.

Are you keeping them or fostering them?


Wandernut said...

They are so beautiful. And they look so thrilled to be home with you. I'm so glad they have you now. How's Cleo taking to her new brother and sister? :)