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Monday, December 03, 2007



I cannot understand why local councils and authorities have to resort to barbaric methods of trapping and catching animals when faced with problems regarding animals. Bear in mind that animal related problems be it cats or dogs or even monkeys are a direct result of our own actions! i.e. humans!

The problem with stray cats and dogs are due to irresponsible pet owners! Cats and dogs don't just appear on the streets on their own accord!

And now we have problems with monkeys which are supposedly a nuisance to the community... But isn't it our fault that they are there? We have encroached on their homes and in many cases destroyed their homes completely for our own benefit. Where else have they got to go???

The article in the Malay Mail today shocked me beyond belief... I could not believe my eyes when I read that the method employed to trap the monkeys was from the Wildlife Department. Aren't they supposed to be concerned about the welfare of wildlife??? This certainly is not how I imagined our Wildlife Department to be.

Mahatma Gandhi once said "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated".

With the recent spate of animals abuse cases by both individuals, councils and now even the Wildlife Department, I am beginning to have serious doubts about how civilised we Malaysians are as a nation.


Extracted from The Malay Mail, 4th December 2007

A group of monkeys huddle in fear at a corner of the container, clinging to each other, trembling at the sight of humans.

FOR the past few nights, residents in Mont Kiara had been troubled by screams coming from a forested area near their condominium. No one could figure out what it was until yesterday when one of the residents decided to check it out.

He found that the noises came from a high black metal container walled on all sides except one at the bottom where there were little bars. But it was the scene inside the container that shocked him.

THEY huddle in fear at the far corner of the metal container, trembling at the sight of humans. Sprawled in front of them are carcasses, their rotting stench permeating the air. This may sound like a scene from a gruesome horror film but in reality, this shocking scenario is set in the posh neighbourhood of Mont Kiara.

A group of 18 monkeys are victims of a trap set within the compound of a condominium complex. Residents of the condominium have been hearing screams the past few nights. One of them, who wishes to be known as FJ, went to uncover the source of the noise yesterday. He found that the screams came from a black metal container, which he claimed to have seen 10 days ago.

The container, which was completely walled up, had but one opening with little bars at the bottom. Upon closer inspection, he was shocked to discover a group of monkeys huddled in the far corner. A few other monkeys, including a baby, he claimed, were sprawled on the floor.

“Five of them were dead — one appeared bloated. There was a baby monkey lying still and gasping,” he claimed. FJ claimed that upon seeing the monkeys in such a deplorable state, he placed bananas and bottles of water inside by pushing them through the bars at the bottom of the container.

Some of the monkeys, he claimed, took the food but only after he had moved away. “I tried to unlock the container; there were several latches but they were secured,” claimed FJ, who then alerted the condominium’s security guards.

When The Malay Mail visited the site yesterday, the guards were attempting to feed the monkeys. Their efforts at unlocking the container were futile. When asked, the guards claimed that they had no knowledge of the container as the security company had started operations at the condominium on Friday.

The container has the Wildlife Department’s name and telephone number etched on the side. The container has a hole at the top for monkeys to fall in after being tempted by food inside. Upon entering the monkey trap, they are unable to climb out.

In the past, FJ claimed that the area had been plagued by monkeys rummaging through garbage bins, entering homes and causing damage. “I understand the reason for such traps. If this really is the work of the Wildlife Department, then they must keep tabs on their operations.

“To my knowledge, it has been 10 days since the monkeys were trapped in the container and they haven’t eaten since then. “It is cruel and inhumane treatment of animals,” he said. FJ claimed that the rotting carcasses have brought about an even bigger problem for the residents.

“Due to the decay, there are now rats and flies in the area, ” he claimed. “I’d rather put up with the monkeys being a nuisance rather than have them die like this.” Efforts to contact the Wildlife Department and the management of the condominium proved futile.


Snowball said...

Yucks! It sounds really horrible. I hope they will care more for animal rights. Did anyone try writing to PETA about this to see if they can help?


Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Snowball

I have already written to PETA and a whole bunch of other orgs...

Hope everyone will do the same to put an end to animal cruelty in this country!

Antares said...

This is absolutely vile... unbelievable... those Orcs at the Wildlife Dept responsible for this obscenity obviously don't understand the laws of karma. Perhaps man-made hells like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo exist exclusively for their future education? Goodness me, since the abduction and gruesome murder of the Mongolian woman Malaysia has rapidly deteriorated into country run by demented, degenerate dunces in chronic denial.

Wandernut said...

So appalled :(
Isn't the Wildlife Dept. suppose to protect wildlife, and not kill them this way! They should be ashamed of themselves.