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Sunday, December 09, 2007


I am in distress... a friend of mine , N. Surendran was arrested today among others... I can't believe that he was arrested... I don't know much of what happened as I have not been able to contact him since I heard the news. See Jeff Ooi's blog for details... and there's also a video on You Tube. I think this is an outrage...

Poster courtesy of Mob's Crib

Am beginning to seriously question whether or not Malaysians are entitled to Human Rights? Considering that this happened in conjunction with our Bar Council's Festival of Rights on the eve of UN's Human Rights Day... Sigh... what is this country coming to...

Will be away for a few days... with no access to internet... hope I will be able to know what happened to Suren...


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Sorry to hear of your friends distress. It must be a worrisome time for you all.

I first got light of the true issues from another Malaysian blogger called Pinkpau. Was certainly an eye-opener for me especially since everyone outside of Malaysia only gets to see the side your government wants us to see. :(

We wish you friend, and all the others that voiced only for fairness, a speedy release.

Snowball said...

I hope those who are arrest will be released. I dun see a need for the arrest and I think that the government is exploiting their power.

Mohan said...

I thought I recognize your friend. It is indeed a pity. I have no idea what this country is coming to. There doesn't seem to be any Human Rights here! What Right. Even a Sunday morning walk get stopped. What's next? Need a permit to celebrate Christmas, if we invite more than 5 people.

I hope your friend get out ok. Have lots of respect for him.