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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Himalaya Herbals has a really great range of products that uses natural ingredients and most importantly Himalaya does not test on animals!!!

"Himalaya's Personal Care (Cosmetics) and Consumer Health products, are not subjected to any animal testing whatsoever and do not contain any animal by-products.

Each product undergoes extensive research for safety and efficacy and has to meet stringent regulatory requirements before being made available to the consumer. "
Prabal Guha; Manager-International Marketing; The Himalaya Drug Company

I started using some of their stuff for myself and found their products to be of excellent quality. I have also been using some of the Human Range herbs for my fur-kids for a few months now and the results have been great - so I figured I should share my experience with all of you...

Cleo and Lucky have been and are still on Amalaki / Amla C, and it has kept them healthy. I have also noticed that Cleo's bad elbows have improved tremendously although vets have told me that she would always have this problem.

Cleo has horrid elbows which are very dry, hard and rough. And they crack which makes them very painful. But since she started on Amalaki, the skin on her elbows have softened and have started to heal! Her fur has even grown back in some areas.

Cleo's injuries from her two accidents also healed really quickly with Amalaki!

Joey and Jesse are also on Liv.52 and Amalaki which has been great for them. They have gained weight and are looking alot healthier and they both seem to have more energy than before.

Himalaya Herbals has finally brought their pet range to Malaysia... well they did this some months back, but I have not had the time to blog about it... Anyway I feel that everyone should know that there are natural herbal remedies available for our fur-kids that are safe and effective.

Also the level of service that you get from Himalaya is top notch - be it in Malaysia, India or even Europe. I have personally experienced excellent service from their staff in all 3 locations.

E.g. In Malaysia (the KLCC branch), the staff were very helpful with helping me on the herbal ingredients and dosages for my fur-kids from the Human Range before they brought in the pet range. They even called their specialist chemist to confirm the information!!!

E.g. I also ordered some stuff from Himalaya for a dear friend from their European site, and when I had some questions regarding the different names of products on their site and in Malaysia, they called me within 24 hours of my email to provide me with the relevant information.

E.g. I wrote in to the Indian head office when I first heard about Himalaya to find out if they tested on animals, and they wrote back within 24 hours clarifying that they did not test on animals...

And today I had another great shopping experience at Himalaya KLCC - their staff kindly gift wrapped all my purchases when I mentioned that my purchases were for Christmas gifts...


Amber-Mae said...

Oooo, must be good! My hoomans use tea tree oil to heel back Chloe's bald spots & elbows & they worked really well! Chloe's bald spot on her head which was shaved off by the vet & didn't grow back, grew back in a bout a month & now it's all filled up.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kikyo said...

Hello there!

I'm so glad to find so many people out there supporting companies that don't test their product on animals! And I'm sure this awareness will only spread!

And as for the Himalaya products, I also find them to be the best of all that I have used!

Power to you for making the most ethical choice! =D