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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Who says cats and dogs can't get along??? Mishka the cat & Rascal the dog are best of pals!

Mishka the cat & Rascal the dog, were both strays in my area. I started to feed them when I noticed that they were constantly rummaging through the garbage bins in the neighbourhood. It took me a few weeks to gain Mishka's trust, and a few months to gain Rascal's trust.

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They now both live happily in my house, and I am working towards taming them and teaching them proper manners. I will be neutering both of them soon, and am hoping to be able to find them good forever homes. If you are interested in adopting Mishka & Rascal, please email me at

I hope that more people will be kind towards the strays in their area. Most strays were not born as strays and they are a nuisance only because they are hungry. Bear in mind that most strays have no proper food or water, and no shelter... Have a heart, adopt a stray...


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I adopted two strays from the street. Well, master and mistress think they adopted me, but it was the other way round really. I found them on the street, I didn't know they had a house as well.

It's not a good life on the street, and it is cool when someone puts a roof over your head and you don't have to fight all the other strays for food.


Natasha Fernz said...

Hey Pippa...

So nice to hear from you... I have been busy minding all the new animals that mommy keeps bringing home...

I am not impressed with Rascal cause he has caused many scratches to Mommy's car!!!


Sophie Brador said...

What a great story. I really hope you can find these two a home together. It would be very sad if they had to separate. They are clearly family.

Cleo, I would probably not be too thrilled with either of them, but I would have to try to understand, I suppose. Your mom and dad are really great people!


Ashley said...

Looks like you have a guard dog (and cat!)
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