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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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I hope that people understand why there are so many of us out there that are against this dog catching competition. We are not against it just because we love dogs.

Frankly strays are a nuisance to us dog lovers too. I have a few dogs with me, 2 are my own and the rest are rescued. There are strays in my area that are also wild and they pose a nuisance to both me and my dogs...

They rummage through our garbage bins and cause our dogs alot of stress. There is also the risk that they may pass diseases to our own dogs as well as ourselves. These dogs are also a threat to me whenever I walk my own dogs as there's always a risk that a fight may ensue.

So what I'm trying to say is that I AGREE with the Selayang Council that the stray population - be it dogs or cats - must be reduced and if possible eradicated.

I however DO NOT AGREE with the METHOD in which the council is trying to address this problem. There are other more humane and more effective ways to address this problem.

Individuals who rescue strays are already trying to do this on their own effort. We feed the strays, cats and dogs alike, and earn their trust so that we can then take them in and get them spayed/neutered. We then re-habilitate them and treat them for whatever diseases they might have and put them up for adoption... Do we ask for anything in return? Only that the animals adopted are looked after well by their new owners.

This competition undermines efforts by individuals who have put in their heart and soul to ensure the welfare of the strays. It also undermines efforts by orgnisations like the SPCA and PAWS who are working hard to promote animal welfare.

There are many issues at stake here. Most of them have been highlighted in my earlier posts.

BUT there is also a very REAL risk that this competition will also spark savage fights between the dog catchers and dog lovers. For example, if a dog lover tries to prevent a dog catcher from nabbing a dog, serious injuries may result to the dog, the dog catcher and the dog lover.

I hope that everyone understands that this dog catching competition actively promotes cruelty towards these animals. I believe that all living creatures should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of religion.

When we mistreat our animals, I sincerely believe that we are degrading ourselves as humans. We are compromising our morality too. By condoning such barbaric acts towards animals who are unable to defend themselves is unacceptable. By allowing ourselves to be cruel to animals, we are unleashing our evil side which we may not be able to reign in later…

Once we allow ourselves to think that such acts are acceptable for they are just animals, it will be a matter of time before we will allow ourselves to be as barbaric towards our own kind... i.e. towards humans. As it is I believe our nation as a whole is already beginning to rot, for there is no compassion towards those that are weak and defenseless.

So I am hoping that everyone will support our efforts in putting a stop to this competition, not just to save the dogs, but to save our humanity...

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Adino said...

Exactly what I've been trying to say all along. Anyway glad to know that the handover of petition to MPS went peacefully, even though the people in charge were too scared to come out.