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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Okay... I am getting bloody pissed off with all the lies that everyone is spouting on that really happened on Friday. See The Inside Story for my version of it. Also Malaysia Kini has put up a very short clip on what happened. Unfortunately you need to be subscribed to view this.

We will be posting the video on YouTube as soon as possible. Just trying to figure out how to convert the damned video from tape to digital format. So watch this space.


Anonymous said...


Not to stray from the subject but I am beginning to worry about whether MPS is being sincere about cancelling the competition. It is still on their website and I am worried with all this side problem... they may turn back on their words! >_<

Natasha Fernz said...


You are absolutely right in doubting MPS. Which is why you should get all your friend to write in to the papers to slam them about leaving it on the website.

See this is why all the 4 groups walked out, cause they said upfront that they will not call off the competition, and the meeting was to discuss solutions to the problem with no guarantee that it will be called off.

Of course in the end they had to make a public announcement saying that it was called off, otherwise they would have come under even more fire!

Amber-Mae said...

Man, I want to watch the video but it's abit expensive to subscribe...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Katherine and Pippa, said...


We just wish you lots and lots of luck in trying to nail this one and finally bury it.

You are doing your very best and working so hard.

Kate & Pippa

Wandernut said...

I think somebody in the 'committee' must have alot of vested interest (or money 'to be made') for them to want this competition to go on so badly. It smells a stink!

Hope those barbarians won't get their way.