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Friday, September 28, 2007


Dear all,

I have just received an email from the owners of Stella & Oreo (two dogs that were stolen from their home about 10 weeks ago). They are now unsure if they will ever see their dogs again, but are pleading to anyone who has any information regarding their dogs to please contact them. They miss their dogs very much and all they want is for their dogs to come back to them safely. If you have any information on these 2 dogs, please call

RAFIQ, at 016-237 6129 or
DEBY, at 012-235 2125.

Stella - Female German Shepherd 2.5 years old

Oreo (Myra) - Female Siberian Husky 7 months old


Their story was highlighted again in The New Straits Times, 29 Sept 2007

Here is their story:

"Hello. My name is Rafiq. With my wife Nadia, we have three dogs; Stella - a 2.5-year-old female German Shepherd, Felix - a 1.5-year-old male Siberian Husky, and a newly adopted Myra/Oreo a 7-month-old female Siberian Husky. We live in a newly developed area in Saujana Puchong.

"We first met Stella when she was still a 4-week-old puppy in a dog-pound in Australia. The moment we saw her, we knew she would be with us forever. We returned to Malaysia 1.5 years ago due to work duties, and we brought Stella along with us. In November 2006, we read that an 1-year-old abandoned male Siberian Husky was up for adoption. Nadia had always wanted a Husky. Hence, we went through an interview with the Husky's foster family, passed the interview and soon later, brought him (we then renamed him Felix) home to be with our elder girl. Just last month, a friend of ours could no longer take care of her then 6-month-old Husky Myra, we offered to adopt her as well. Due to the fact that Nadia's sister is name Myra, we opted to rename our newest baby to Oreo.

"My wife Nadia works for Petronas Adventure Team and she has just left Malaysia on a 9-weeks long annual Petronas expedition.

"Two days ago (on Friday 13 July 2007), I bathed the three monkeys and left them out in our front porch to dry off. It was lunchtime, and being lazy to cook, I drove out to our nearby mamak to grab some lunch. I wanted to eat at the mamak, but something made me do otherwise. I ordered to take-away my lunch instead and drove that 5-minutes distant home.

"When I arrived home, I was in shock to see our gates bent and broken. I stepped out of my car to have a closer look and found no greetings from either of our three monkeys. My heart beat faster. I called to my dogs --- no answer. I looked over to where I had tied Felix & Myra/Oreo earlier --- no dogs. I called Stella --- she didn't come to me. My heart beat faster. Stella "I ran out to see if they are running all over the neighbourhood. Ten doors down, a kid called to me. "Abang, adik nampak Feliks lari sini sana tadi" (Mister, I saw Felix running around just now) the 10-year old kid told me. "Dan adik nampak satu kereta merah ambil Stella dan Oreo" (And I saw a red car take Stella and Oreo away) he continued.

"I quickly drove out to the guard house to see if the guards saw anything. The guards confirmed that they did earlier see a red Honda Jazz take away 2 dogs. These are new guards, hence, they believed that the people in the car were our friends who came over to take the dogs out for some fun. I asked why did they "believe" that. They told me that the driver was an Indian man, who left behind me when I first left to buy lunch. And shortly after, came back with an Indian kid not more than 10 years old. Then they left again with 2 dogs sitting in the backseat. The fact that there was a child in the car and the 2 dogs were not putting up any fights, they "believed" that
these thieves were friends of ours.


"A friend of mine rushed over to my house when I called, and immediately we printed out flyers and pasted them at all the veterinary clinics in Puchong area. We then lodged a stolen-dogs police report. The police were very helpful assuring us that they will do everything they can to help us locate our "polis anjing" (police dog - a nickname our police force gives to German Shepherds) and Husky. Our other friends are also helping us by mass e-mailing their friends of our plea. We have also put up flyers in Damansara Utama, Taman SEA, Taman Megah, Damansara Jaya and SS2 ever since.

"I urge you to please let me know if you have seen any dogs looking like Stella and Myra/Oreo by contacting me:
RAFIQ, at 016-237 6129 or my friend,
DEBY, at 012-235 2125.

"I thank you with my all my heart for any information on them for their safe return.

"Thank you."

Rafiq - 15 July 2007

1 comment:

Snowball said...

Oh... no... Hope that the dogs will be found soon. We hate people who steal dogs. I am keeping my paws crossed and this thief to be prosecuted.