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Thursday, September 06, 2007



As all of you are aware by now, there is a Barbaric Dog Catching Competition organised by the Selayang Municipal Council.

There is an Online Petition calling upon the Selayang Municipal Council to stop this barbaric campaign. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could take the time to sign it. If the link doesn't work, please copy and paste the web address below into your browser.

Please note that there was a functional MISTAKE in the earlier link. I apologise for the error. If you have signed the petition earlier, I would appreciate it if you could take the time to sign this one. Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use real names and valid email addresses to sign this petition. This is to ensure that the petition stays valid. Also only sign the petition once, otherwise the petition will turn into a joke.

I would like to plead to the government and the authorities to look into this matter and stop this campaign immediately. We should be a nation that cares for all living creatures, and I believe that all religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam etc) teaches us to be kind to all of God’s creatures. There are other ways and means to curb the stray population in this country.

A number of groups and organizations like the SPCA and PAWS are working hard to educate the public via spay and neuter campaigns. This competition would seriously undermine the efforts by these organisations. Perhaps the Council could have put their "prize money" to better use by donating the said amounts every 6 months to either PAWS or the SPCA. I think that would be a better way to help curb the over-population of strays.

Help make a difference by signining the Online Petition, and by writing to all the local papers and other organisations. For a listing of addresses, please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use real names and valid email addresses to sign this petition. This is to ensure that the petition stays valid. Also only sign the petition once, otherwise the petition will turn into a joke.


disco-very said...

signed. thanks for the link! let's take these morons down!

CHP said...

I've also signed the petition and I really hope it does make a difference in stopping the contest.

Sadly, there are some individuals that do support the MPS's action, claiming that the stray dogs will attack children.

I can't help but notice that most of those that signed the petition are non-Muslims. What about the majority of Muslims? Do they also share the same thought as that fella? If so, sigh...I shake my head in despair.

Natasha Fernz said...

Hey Davina

Let's hope we can make a difference.

And to CHP,

Thanks for signing the petition...

also hope that people realise that Islam does not condone cruelty towards animals, and it doesn't allow cruelty to dogs either...

In fact I have a number of Muslim friends who have dogs and love them very much.

Most of my Muslim friends(who do NOT have dogs) also do not mind my dogs when they come to my house. My dogs are free around them. They just choose not to touch my dogs... Sigh...

googler boogler said...

I have emailed this situation to the Humane Society International in Asia, USA, Australia and Europe. I hope this will be highlighted in the national community.

This was my message to them:
I was watching the channel "Animal Planet" on TV and saw the show on your efforts to catch strays in Thailand after the devastating tsunami (spay / neuter and release). I thought that was brilliant. (That part in the show after you rescued those dogs and they tried to follow you back and you all had to leave them behind... that struck me) But now, my country - in a certain council - they are suggesting a lucrative reward for ordinary citizens to catch strays. Could you help and suggest to them that this is NOT a good idea? You, as an international welfare organization, maybe they will listen if they are too stuborn to listen to our local animal rights groups. I hope you can help in some way - a letter even maybe.

thanks for considering this request.

The article for this can be seen in our local online newspaper at:

Anonymous said...

i wonder why ppl are making a big issue over dogs! why cant they just start catching cats instead? our gov. has so much money that they are awarding ppl.. in thousands now. why cant they use the same money to do up roads , fix street lights, give donations to ppl who need to undergo heart surgery etc.i wish i have contact numbers of animal planet etc.. and fix up the ppl behind this matter. malaysian especially the muslims who are against DOGS should really learn how to appriciate animals.
i wish soon.. one of this bloody muslims get bitten by a stray dog!
Wonder why they say.. 'Oh saya sayang haiwan' yeah they will sayang things like rats and cats.. such dumb ppl.. just creating trouble between the non muslims and muslims. and with this bulan puasa.. all of them are just gonna get more Sins!!!

Mbahtosai said...

I really hope that people can see dogs with more humanity...
since they are the people best friend...

I wonder have you heard about people that love to eat "dog" meat?
they called dog flesh as "RW"

and unfortunately,
those people can be muslim & non-muslim..

I hope we can do something about this...

since 'dogs'
have a right to live in this world...