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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Dear everyone,

I am so sad that the Selayang Council has a vendetta against us dogs... what have we done to deserve such cruel treatment? I am pleading to all Malaysian and citizens of the world to please help my Mommy and her friends put a stop to this dog catching competition.

My Mommy is very happy that so many of you have helped spread the word about this horrific competition. Mommy also says that all of you are more than welcome to re-post her articles to help stop this.

But I think that my Mommy would greatly appreciate it if you could say where you got the information from and if you can, put a link back to us; cause she was slightly upset that someone had "stolen" one of her articles and sent it to the papers and passed it off as theirs... And the same goes for writings from anybody else...

In the mean time, Mommy says there's a very good letter from a Malaysian on Remember Sheena Campaign's blog... Click here for the story...

So put your best paw forward every dog... and pray that this will stop soon...

Hugs from,

Cleopatra the Yellow Labrador

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