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Saturday, July 14, 2007


A recent incident has prompted me to write this particular post. I shan't mention what happened as there may be parties that would be incredibly upset with me if I did.

Anyway, many people think that having a dog is a whole load of fun - which it is. But they often forget that having a dog(s) means HUGE responsibilities!!! And these responsibilities should not be taken lightly!!!

Before getting a dog, there are 2 important things to think about:

Food - good nutritious food is expensive,
Grooming supplies (shampoo, brushes, tick and flea prevention solutions etc),
Health supplements
Suitable Shelter for your dog if it's an outdoor dog and

Your dog needs yearly vaccinations, heartworm prevention, deworming, and regular check ups once every 3 months at least. These are expensive and may not be the only veterinary cost especially if your dog is not as healthy as it should be.

Do you have time for your dog? Your dog needs to be walked daily, and more importantly you dog needs to have TIME spent with you!!!

Other than that, you need to spend time looking over your dog on a daily basis (a quick 10 minute check at least) to ensure that your dog is healthy and has no problems. You need to check their ears, fur and skin to ensure that they are tick free, eyes, paws, teeth etc... Because it's always easier to prevent a problem than to cure it.

You must be able to wash and groom your dog (plus blowdry your dog esp if it's long haired or double coated) on a weekly basis to prevent ticks and fleas (it's easier to prevent ticks than to get rid of them once your dog is infested with ticks!!!), to keep your dog's skin healthy and to keep your dog from smelling bad. I mean I am sure that all of you shower on a daily basis right?

You must also have time to keep your compound clean (if you dog is an outdoor dog) to prevent your dog from picking up infections of any sort.

These are only 2 main points that you have to consider before even thinking of bringing a dog into your home... There are a whole load of other points to consider because a dog is for life!!!

So guys please don't bring a dog into your home if you can't afford it and more importantly if you don't have the time to ensure the well being of your dog!!!

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