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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Love heals...

Dear all,

Here is a quick update from the Remember Sheena Campaign on Joy, the dog that was badly injured by Indonesian workers.

I am so glad that she is doing well, and I hope this posting will help people realise that with the proper care, attention and Love, even the most severely injured animals can be healed. While I do believe that there are cases where putting the animal to sleep is the best option so that it will no longer suffer, I feel that we should at least give them a chance before closing the door on them.

And well done to all thos who helped Joy!!!

Extracted from the Remember Sheena Campaign
Joy Is Fine And Encompassed By Love

Thank you all so much for your support. Those who wrote in with letters and posted your comments on the blog. Yes! Linking RSC to your blog with Joy's story will most definitely help. So my gratitude and thanks to all of you who are doing this.One of them is Nick Josh Karean who is representative of the Humane Society in Malaysia. Nick posted Joy's story and it made it to the front page of Care2NewsNetwork.

Do log on and read the many comments from abroad if you wish to at
So far Sin Chew did a great story on Joy and Malaysiakini also carried the story. We are still working to get the news out. We are even getting some reaction from the Malaysian government, which we shall notify you all of later.

For those of you who are distressed, please don’t be. I am putting up a photo of Joy at the Press Conference in Batu Caves just to assure all of you he is fine now (photos of Joy on Sherrina's lap. Sherrina is from the Independent Pet Rescuers. To the right (seated) is Sabrina Yeap.

Tuan Hj Rahim from ABDA Aviation and his wife Umi are at the back. This goes to show what love can do. Even the greatest wound inflicted heals through a large dose of LOVE. And God is LOVE.Tuan Hj Rahim and Sister Umi are a muslim couple. They feed all of God's creatures including dogs. They came to support us and denounce this cruel act upon Joy.

Jesus said "If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword."

So we won't stoop to the level of crying vengeance. I know a lot of you are angry but let's put this anger to positive use and not get bitter. We will continue with what we are always preaching: "Education and speaking up for the voiceless" because the Truth will set you free.This is why RSC arranged for muslims to come to the Press Conference on December 14 at a restaurant in Batu Caves. We are here to work together with our brothers and sisters from different religions to fight ignorance.We don't want to see what happened to Joy happen again.

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