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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


As most of you would know by now, the Furry Friends Farm has recently been setup by Sabrina Yeap and co, and the farm is an ideal place for all animals.

The Farm has come up with a Wish List, so it'll be great if you guys could help them out. Every bit counts, so please don't think that your contribution is too small! Even if you can only spare RM10, that would be great. Cause if everyone spares RM10, we will be able to make the RM20,000 target real soon!

You can make a difference.

Furry Friends Farm Christmas Wish List

1. FFF needs RM20,000 to renovate the Farm. This includes
a) Toilets and bathrooms so they can start opening the farm for camping.
b) A sanatorium for animals.
c) An office.
d) A comfortable place to raise free range chickens because they want to discourage people from buying eggs that come from battery hens.
e) A fence for the entire farm. The Farm is now just an open, uncultivated land. If there is no fence the animals will run away and get lost.

If you can't contribute towards the RM20,000 in cash, please give us building materials or if you are a builder, better still. Help them renovate.

2. To open doors for Sabrina Yeap to speak at colleges, offices and Christians open your market-place ministry to talks on animals too please. Dr Habeeb went back after the Press Conference and showed Joy's poster to the student of the Islamic university and they were shocked and horrified. So many people don't know what is actually going on out there with regards to animals.

3. FFF need funds to spay and neuter stray animals. It costs about RM200 for a dog and a little lesser for a cat to neuter, de-worm, vacccinate and transport. Please pay directly to the Vet who helps FFF neuter.

Make out the cheque to POEZENBOOT SDN BHD and post to
PetFirst Veterinary Centre,
No. 14 Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2,
Taman Usahawan,
Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Since the vets are temporarily helping FFF collect their donations too, kindly specify what the donation is for and your full address so they can make out a receipt to you accordingly.

1 comment:

Melissa-Jane said...

Hey, I saw Joy in the newspaper today...Wow, he's one lucky dog.

Oh by the way, I always wanted to see & help the dog with the head sliced off & then lucky me, I saw the dog today while bringing the dogs out. He was sitting near the bent looking okay. He was what my bro said he and white.

I saw something red on his head from a distance but could not see it properly coz I'm short sighted. But after I looked one min away to pick up my Amber's poo & looked back, it disappeared just like that! There was no sign of him anywhere. Hmmm...I wonder if it was a ghost.