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Saturday, December 16, 2006


This article from the Remember Sheena Campaign has once again shocked and horrified me. I cannot understand how humans, who are supposed to be beings with a higher sense of intelligence etc, can resort to such inhumane treatment of God's creatures.

A stray dog was cruelly beaten by some Indonesian workers at a construction site because they believed that dogs were haram.

I am not sure if it was highlighted in the papers then, but I guess I must have missed it as I was actually in Indonesia at the time.

I do hope that Joy will be able to live a comfortable life at the Farm.However I think it was quite strange that the Indonesians acted that way to Joy. This is because when I was in Indonesia (Jakarta to be precise), I realised that the Muslims there were very tolerant towards most things including dogs. And all around Jakarta, there were signs with pictures of dogs that read:

Kawasan Bebas Anjing Liar,
Peliharalah Haiwan Kesayangan Anda Dengan Benar dan Sempurna.

So I'd like to believe that these Indonesians are perhaps a minority or have been "brain-washed" into thinking that dogs are haram.

Also, as far as I know (and I have been and will be continuing research on this), the Quran specifically says that man must treat all God's creatures with kindness, including Dogs!

I have also been told by a large number of Muslims that it's perfectly alright to own dogs. In fact I do have a number of Muslim friends that have dogs and love their dogs to bits. Interestingly, I live in a predominantly Muslim area, and since I started walking Cleo every morning, almost all the Muslims in the area have warmed to her, and greet me and Cleo (they actually specifically say Good Morning Cleo) every time they see us. One neighbour has even petted her several times. He informed me that it's only in this country that the Muslims are quite adverse to dogs.

So what do we do now? I guess we should all play a part in educating the public that animal cruelty is not acceptable. And note that this should not be targeted at Muslims only as a large number of non-Muslims are also guilty of this crime.

Extracted from the Remember Sheena Campaign

Indonesian Workers Attack Dog Calling It "Haram"

Furry Friends Farm and The Remembering Sheena Campaign held a Press Conference on December 14, 2006 to highlight the plight of Joy, a stray dog that had been so cruelly beaten by Indonesian workers that her lower jaw was crushed. At about 9am on Dec 2, 2006, Sabrina Yeap, managing partner of the Furry Friends Farm (FFF), rescued a dog at the Ki-Park Sri Utara construction site belonging to developer, Kepong Industrial Park Sdn Bhd (KIP Group).

The site is situated about 10km from the Batu Caves roundabout, heading towards Sungei Buloh and Kepong.The lower jaw of the dog was dangling and its tongue was hanging out. Two eye-witnesses who pleaded with Sabrina to help the dog, said they had seen it being beaten by Indonesian foreign workers who kept calling the dog “haram” as it was attacked.

Sabrina took the dog, which she later named Joy, to the veterinary clinic. Joy’s lower jaw was so badly injured it had to be surgically removed, but the tongue was saved despite having lacerations and blood clots.

As representative of RSC, I spoke to Mr Kok Pick Tong, one of the four managing directors of KIP Group which employs the workers that ill-treated Joy. I requested permission for Dr Habeeb Rahman Ibramsa, who lectures in Quran and Sunnah Studies at the International Islamic University in Gombak, Selangor, to give a talk to all their foreign workers on Islam’s clear stand of compassion towards animals, including dogs. Mr Kok refused to co-operate.

On December 4, 2006, RSC sent an official letter to Mr Kok making this request along with the request by FFF for the KIP Group to bear all of Joy’s medical expenses and maintenance at the FFF, an animal shelter which has decided to adopt Joy. Mr. Kok has ignored all letters and telephone calls from RSC.

On December 6, 2006, RSC wrote to Dr. Subramaniam, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, the Minister of Housing and Local Government, Tan Seri Datuk Seri Panglima Bernard Dompok, Minister in charge of the Public Complaints Bureau, and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The letters were sent out to these parties appealing to the government to be more pro-active in the area of animal welfare in Malaysia.

There has been much public outcry over the banning of a select number of dogs in Shah Alam, the mass “murder” of Mr Eng Her Sun’s dogs by the Seremban Municipal Council’s death squad, the cruel culling of birds by the Department of Veterinary Services during the bird flu scare, the increase in pet dumping and abuse of stray animals and pets.RSC invited lecturer in Quran and Sunnah Studies at the International Islamic University in Gombak to give a talk to the Indonesian workers but the developer did not allow it.

Hence, RSC and FFF are calling for the Government to support their education programmes that are aimed at ending this needless violence towards animals. Next year is Visit Malaysia Year 2007, and already tourists are squirming at Malaysia’s ill-treatment and cruelty to animals – from wildlife to domestic pets.

“We are not asking the government to find and punish the people who did this to Joy, although the laws of Malaysia provide for this. We are calling on the Government to support our public education projects by persuading the developer, KIP Group, to allow us to educate their workers,” said Sabrina Yeap.

“I wish to end this ignorance that the Quran supports violence against animals, and am willing to give lectures, presentations and screen videos that support what I am saying. I hope the public, Government officials, foreign workers and others who need to hear this truth will attend,” said Dr. Habeeb Rahman Ibramsa, Lecturer in Quran and Sunnah Studies at the International Islamic University, Gombak, Selangor.

Today Joy has to carry on living without his lower jaw and teeth. He can only eat soft food for the rest of his life. RSC was invited to a meeting called "Dasar Kawalan Anjing" in February this year, along with 30 other NGOs by Dr. Subramaniam Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Housing and Local Government. To-date nothing has been done by the government and we are wondering what the meeting was for. They should instead have held a meeting called "Dasar Kawalan Manusia".


Melissa-Jane said...

OMG!!! That's horrific!!! How could they do that...? If they think it's "haram", why go near it & purposely beat it? Just for the fun of it or what? So don't tell me thay managed to save it?

Natasha said...

Hi Melissa

Yes they have managed to save it. He is currently cared for by the people of Furry Friends Farm

Melissa-Jane said...

Wow, amazing..Thay done well! But honestly, let me tell you let me be honest with you...Rescuing animals is not really a thankful job. people laugh at you and take you for granted...I respect those who save animals from things like this but I've been thru this before. Remember we rescued the Chinese Crested, we thought we found him a good home but few months later, the owner let him run off. Especially when saving mongrel dogs, people don't care and they will chuck more dogs to you becoz they know you'll feed them. God knows what we're doing but number of people in Malaysia, don't thanks you for doing this kind favor to these animals. It's never ending! All you'll be getting is more and more dogs and no wants them. Only few are fortunate enuf but the rest, there's no hope coz you can see these kind of dogs everywhere! Practically outside our houses too...! For my solution is, it is cruel but same time helpful to these unfortunates is to put them to sleep. It's much better than you saving so many and can't rehome them. It's also better than leaving them on the streets getting beaten, abused and run over by cars. There's no pain being put to sleep.

See how many people don't want to spay and neautor their dogs and more and more litters are being produced and these are not the dogs people want. They want pedigrees! And to be honest with you, I myself prefer pedigree dogs. We tried saving Butch and Cassidy from MPSJ but we only managed to save Butch and we sent him to PAWS. But now, he's not cured from Kennel Cough. I don't know whether he's died or not but sure, nobody wants him.

So saving animals is not a thankful job for most people. We respect those are3 into this kind of thing but...sigh...

I don't know lah. Nobody thank us for saving four dogs already.

Natasha said...

Hi Melissa

I know what you mean - i.e. no one really appreciates people who rescue these animals.

However, I just have some sort of calling where I feel that I need to look out for and save some of these dogs. I know i can't save all of them but at least if there are more people like you and me then at least these dogs will have a fighting chance.

And I do understand that it's harder for mongrels to be re-homed. I am quite particular about where the dogs I rescue go to. I actually insist that they bring them back to me if they decide they don't want it or something.

I also realise that those who adopt these rescued animals will take their animals seriously if you make it very clear to them that having a pet is not all fun and games. I also set out basic guidelines/requirements for looking after these rescued animals and give it to the new owners.

Of course Malaysians being Malaysians, will never appreciate things when they are free. Although I personally have spent loads of money on each animal that I rescue I have never asked for any money from the adopters.

Therefore, I have just recently decided on a new policy, whereby I expect the new owners to contribute an amount equal to or more than what I have spent on the animal to any animal charity. So hopefully this will work...

Melissa-Jane said...

This is Malaysia...What to do??? See that guy with 13 dogs. He may have broken the rules but people especially the neighbor who called the dog catchers to cull all the dogs should respect him for saving these helpless stray dogs from the street. But instead, that neighbor decided to call the dog catchers to catch them...And what they did? They actually shot the dogs right in their property & in front of other neighbors.

That neighbor should be ashamed of him/herself! Embarrassing person!!! What he/she could have done was to just help out, donate something to that guy with 13 dogs instead of complaining of the terrible stench & calling the dog catchers. This guy didn't understand how much this owner when thru saving & taking care & using his own money feeding these mongrel dogs.

I would love to help out more unfortunate dogs & cats, but I know what the situation will be and our house is not suitable for anymore animals especially now that we've just adopted another Golden Retriever and we named her Chloë. You can see her at my blog.

So now I don't want to put myself into this saving animals thing coz all will end up with loads of dogs & cats in our house. And believe me, no one will want them especially in my area...