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Friday, September 08, 2006


CRASH! Cleo's tail sent a porcelaine bowl and a porcelaine spoon flying off the table and onto the ground... I jumped from the sofa and immediately dragged Cleo away from the broken bits of porcelaine. Cleo was quite bewildered and was perhaps slightly shocked cause as far as she was concerned she didn't do anything... The poor thing...

We've always been really careful with leaving things on the coffee table. We usually don't have anything on it at all, cause we've experienced her tail knocking over glasses, ornaments etc... but yesterday I had just finished having some soup and planted the bowl onto the table cause I was too lazy to take it to the kitchen... and Cleo realising that I had finished my soup decided that it was play time. So she came bounding over with her tennis ball in her mouth... and that was then it happened.
So to all you labrador owners out there, watch that tail!!!

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