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Monday, September 25, 2006


Note: The Pictures are finally up on Cleo's Multiply Albums

Cleo and Belle had a grand time at the MRDO yesterday, although we didn't let them in the water like we normally do... mainly because the water looked murkier than usual... yuck!

Anyway we got there at about 10.45am and wandered round the grounds of the Central Park. Cleo and Belle made new friends and met some old friends too. Pacco and Amanda were there and Paccp was having a good time splashing about in the water.

We finally met Kookie and Reyee together with owners Nancy and hubby. Kookie was really adorable though I was slightly taken aback by how plump she was in real life. Nancy had always said that she was, but I didn't realise the extent of it I guess. And I think the cutest thing was watching Nancy cool Kookie off with 2 bottles of ice cold mineral water by pouring the water into Kookie's mouth instead of having Kookie lapp it up from a bowl or something. And then of course dear old Kookie had a couple of ice creams too... Hmmm Nancy, maybe you shouldn't give her anymore treats and snacks... ?

Cleo only took part in one event yesterday as all the "long distance" races have been taken off the list of events. She took part in the fastest recall and surprised both Douglas and I by actually charging down the race lane! She usually walks slowly when called, but she literally hurtled down the lane and came crashing into my legs at the finish line! We were so pleased with her performance that we didn't really care that she didn't win the heat... Well in fairness she lost to a giant black Great Dane that outran her easily with alot less strides!

I've been trying to put pictures up all of today but haven't been able to load anything but one picture onto blogger or multiply. It's been rather frustrating... and I am not even sure what the problem is. Sigh... will try and put some pictures up as soon as I can.

I really hope everyone there had fun yesterday... Well done Puppy.Com

We all went home quite tired... so much so that Cleo fell asleep in the shower! It was quite a chore waking her up to get her out of the shower... and then she fell asleep while she was being blow-dried... so as soon as I finished, I had to prod her so that she would get off my lap. She promptly crawled into bed and cuddled her brand new soft toy that Sarah bought her...

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