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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


A dog is for life. No exceptions!!!
The only answer to the question ‘When is it acceptable to give up a dog?’ is ‘Never.’

Dogs are pack animals.
It is unnatural for them to be alone. Do everything in your power to minimize the amount of time they spend alone.

All dogs can be trained.
Age, breed, size…none are an impediment to a well-trained dog.

Aggression is learned behaviour.
Aggression is not the same as dominant, submissive, or fearful behaviour, and it is not an inheritable trait. Aggression is the cumulative result of inadequate training and poor socialization.

There is no need to punish a dog.
Concentrate on what your dog is doing right and praise that, while ignoring or redirecting the behaviours you don’t want.

Obey all local by-laws pertaining to dog ownership.
Breaking the law makes life difficult for all dog owners.

It is important that your dog be adequately trained AND socialized.
You don’t need to compete in obedience, but your dog should not do anything that infringes on the rights of other citizens.

Without exception, pick up after your pet.
Whether it’s your own yard or beside the trails in the woods, you’ll keep the area clean and enjoyable for everyone who follows you.

Dogs do not exercise and socialize themselves.
Even if a dog does run around her yard, she certainly isn’t gaining any socialization experience there. Running around your yard is about as interesting to your dog as going for a jog in your living room would be to you.

Your dog should not be left unsupervised outside the home.
Any number of things could happen if you aren’t there to watch out for her, from escape to theft to abuse by strangers

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