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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hello everyone,

Christmas is almost here, and if you haven't gotten your Christmas presents, we think that you should perhaps consider doing something different this year...

Our mommy has told us that we are not getting Christmas presents this year because we are very lucky compared to lots of other kiddos.

And so she has donated ONE bag of kibble from each of us here at home to FFF's kiddos...

So that's a bag each from me (Cleo), Lucky, Rascal, Belle, Mishka, Brownie, Tara, Teddy, Storm & Snowie. So we hope that the kiddos at FFF will enjoy the kibble

So how about making your Christmas gift to your loved ones a donation to a charitable cause instead? That means that instead of spending lots of money getting a gift for your loved one (which he or she may not even like), why not consider getting a bag of kibble for the kiddos at Furry Friends Farm as a gift?

And what's even better is that, Royal Canin has agreed to top up another packet for each packet that you donate...

If you think you might like to do that, here's how you can do that...

How can you donate?
  1. Bank in the amount to FFF's Public Bank Account 317884 262 Furry Friends Farm
  2. Whatsapp FFF at (016) 371 7692 with the transaction details/bank in slip with your full name
  3. Once the transaction is reflected, your name will be updated in the donors listing
  4. Royal Canin will deliver the order to FFF at the end of the promo.

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