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Friday, December 06, 2013


We rescued Little Teddy (Tadasana) a couple of months back from a six foot drain. He was in a terrible condition and had injured one of his hind legs slightly. We started him on a raw diet and began to see improvement in his condition within days. We were unable to take him to the vet at that point in time as he was also a very fierce kitten. He would hiss, spit, scratch and bite whenever we tried to handle him.
Anyway, over time he became a really sweet and adorable kitten. He started to play as a normal kitten and we were really happy.

However, two weeks ago, he suddenly became very ill. One day he was doing fine and the next day I noticed that he had not eaten his food which he normally gobbles down within minutes. He also did not greet me or try to play with me like he normally does.

He was just lying in his litter box. I tried to pick him up and he screamed in pain. That was when I realised something was very wrong.

Anyway I brought the food to him and he ate it all up but he was in severe pain. I took him to the vet the next day blood was also taken as physically there didn’t seem to be very much wrong with him.

The results came back and the readings for his organs were okay. But His neutrophil reading is quite high about 10,000 and bands at over 500. So he was put on a 5 day course of antibiotics.

We saw an improvement as the pain descreased and he started to try and play again after the 3rd day of antibiotics although he still could not stand, but he was trying to grab our hands and nibble on our fingers.

On the 5th day he started to try and stand and walk, but he was still quite wobbly. So we took him in and the vet recommended that an x-ray be done.

The x-rays apparently showed that he had a severe calcium deficiency as his bones were not clearly defined and were very faint.

There was also a small fracture on his leg, but apparently that was nothing to worry about and should be just left as it is.

Our vet has since recommended that we switch him to a kibble diet as it is a more balanced diet. I disagree and cannot bring myself to feed Teddy such rubbish.

My main area of contention is that if there was a severe calcium deficiency then the change should not have been that drastic, i.e. happy kitten one day, miserable kitten the next. It should have been a progresssive deterioration. These pictures posted above were taken only 3 weeks ago with the exception of the first picture which was taken when he was initially rescued.

So anyway, I decided to take him to see Dr Susanna of Asia Paws, and he took to her really well. No screaming or hissing and allowed Dr Susanna to put in several needles into his back and into his legs. He then even started to walk about on the treatment table albeit rather wobbly. So we will be continuing acupuncture with Dr Susanna for Teddy and hopefully he will be all better soon.

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