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Thursday, May 16, 2013


UPDATE 17/05/13: The little kitten did not make it through the night unfortunately. May she rest in peace. 


Hi all,

Need some help. Just rescued a tiny little kitten this morning, prob about 4-6 weeks when I was walking Cleo and Lucky. She has definitely been in an accident of some sort. Fed her some tiny pieces of raw chicken as soon as got her home which she ate with difficulty.

Then took her to the vet, and he confirmed that she was hit by something. Her jaw is slightly misaligned, and she is very very weak. There was pain in her back and legs, but nothing seemed broken. Vet force fed her some a/d tinned food, and then gave her a shot of steroids and a dose of karo syrup. He's worried that there might be some brain damage. It's a case of - see if she can pull through the next 48 hours. If she makes it, then we will look at realigning her jaw later on.

Since she has been back, she has not eaten anything eventhough I have been trying to put some tinned food down her throat. She won't swallow! Not even water. I've offered her raw chicken again and she just won't have it.

Would appreicate some advice, as am generally a dog person... Would know exactly what to do with a dog... but kittens are so tiny and fragile in comparison...

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