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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It was drizzling a little this morning, and so I got into my rain coat and wellies,and then strapped Belle and Rascal into their Hurtta rain coats. Just as we were about to go out, the rain came chucking down, and there was no way we could have gone out!

Belle was completely unimpressed that we were not going out and proceeded to sulk! She was so cute!

Anyway, when the rain lightened up, I took them out and they had a grand time stomping in all the puddles! They would have gotten absolutely filthy if they didn't have their rain coats on though...

Managed to take a couple of pictures later on in the walk when the rain was just a very light drizzle! Don't they look so cool!


Karen Joy said...

OMG! This is just too cute! Rascal looks like the Canine Caped Crusader and Belle is like his sidekick .... had a good chuckle!

Karen Joy said...

This is just too cute! Rascal looks like SuperDoggie, The Canine Caped Crusader, and Belle is like his lovely she-dog sidekick.

Karen Joy said...

Too cute - Rascal As SuperDoggie, the Canine Caped Crusader and Belle, his faithful she-dog, sidekick!