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Friday, February 24, 2012


We are now coming up to the one week mark my kids' raw meaty bones diet. I am getting a bit more used to the idea of feeding them raw meat, and the fact that all of them seem to thoroughly enjoy it makes it a bit easier. I have stopped blanching the meat before feeding them and they seem to be perfectly fine with it.

Lucky inspecting his chicken quarter
What is interesting is that Cleo and Lucky who are generally picky eaters, seem to look forward to their meal times now. I no longer have to sit with them and coax them to eat and yes I had to do this almost everyday. Meal times used to take 30-40 minutes. Now Cleo finishes her food in about 5 minutes while Lucky takes about 10 minutes with no coaxing from me.

At the same time, Belle who usually scarfs her food down in 20 seconds flat, now eats alot slower; while Rascal who would always eat his food but at an incredibly slow pace, is now eating much more quickly. And Rascal actually finishes before Belle now.

Cleo & Lucky chilling after their dinner.
Cleo seems to be doing okay on the raw diet with no real issues after the first day of "detox". Her energy levels seem to have improved which is great.

Belle seems to be managing fine too, and she seems to be less hungry compared to when she was on kibble.

Both Cleo and Belle have small, firm poo that doesn't seem to stink as much as when they were on kibble.

Lucky (who has had a tummy upset for the past 2 months) has improved significantly without any further medication. His poo is no longer mushy and is quite nicely formed. I will continue to observe him for the next week to ensure that there is no relapse.

I have, however, on my friend Vicki's advice, split Lucky's meals into 4 portions for the day instead of 2. I should really have known this as this would be what I would normally do with his kibble when his tummy is funny.

But I think the whole idea of raw just overwhelmed me and I forgot this basic rule of small meals for dogs with upset tummies. This seems to have helped Lucky significantly. Additionally, Lucky is currently only getting chicken wings and breast (with bone) as these are softer and more digestible.

Rascal, had a mushy poo today, although it was only a small amount. I am not sure if  it's because I have perhaps moved too quickly for him; in that he has been getting mainly chicken leg quarters (since Lucky is taking all the wings for all meals).

So I am now putting him on only chicken wings and breast quarters from this evening till his tummy stabilises. 

Although, things seem to be generally going well for my lot, I will not be quite so bold to say at this point that a raw diet is the best way or the only way to feed your dog.

I am still trying to read as much as I can on raw diets, and how to ensure that my pack gets a balanced diet (note that this is different from a balanced meal).

I have come across many websites that are pro-raw and many that are anti-raw. Every time I come across an anti-raw diet site, I start to wonder if I have made the right decision. 

But for now, as the "results" have been positive so far, particularly in relation to Lucky's tummy, I will be sticking with it.

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