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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Cleo with us on our wedding day...

Our darling Cleo is 6 years old today... We first saw her on Jan 25 2005. She was the last puppy of her litter and no one wanted her because she was really tiny, i.e. the runt of the litter. A friend fo a friend of a friend asked if we would like to have her because she was not "sale-able"...

We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her and brought her home with us. We're so lucky to have her in our lives and can't imagine what it would be like without her...

So here are some pictures of various stages of her life with us...

Cleo 3 months old - her first day with us - Jan 25, 2005

Cleo 4 months old

Cleo 5 months old

Cleo 6 months old (looking after Johnny our 17.5 year old doggie who was very ill)

Cleo and her giant Teddy Bear bought by Auntie Bernie

Cleo and Belle at Dog Day Morning in Ampang somewhere

Cleo with us at The Bakery Ampang for breakfast

Cleo at A Famosa Resort 2005

Cleo's first birthday party with Shalom 2005

Cleo and Me at MRDO 2006

At the MRDO 2006

Cleo and Doug winning the Ultimate Dog Race in the Dog Olympics 2006

Belle, Me and Cleo at Port Dickson 2006

Cleo helping us move into our first house together in 2006

Cleo helping Doug put the furniture together

Cleo playing with Lucky who was about 4 months old at this time

Cleo's 2nd birthday party with Shalom 2006

Cleo working on the computer with her injured foot when she fell down the stairs

Cleo's 3rd birthday party with Shalom 2007

Cleo with her injured foot when she broke the sliding door

Lucky, Cleo and Douglas fooling around

Cleo with us on our honeymoon in 2007

Cleo having a blast on the beach in Cherating

Cleo helping me look after 2 abandoned kittens 2009

Cleo playing with her tennis ball at our new house 2010

Cleo having to wear a t-shirt cause she made a wound on her back!

Cleo taking a walk with Mishka our cat