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Monday, July 21, 2008


My name is Goldie. I'm a loving, friendly & sweet tempered dog looking for a loving home. Can you give me one? Or any of your frens?

I'm a 1 & half yr young lady, a bit on the big side but then again, big can be beautiful. To be exact I'm a 22kg blonde with doleful light brown eyes. I've just been spayed & vaccinated & the vet says I've got a clean bill of health.

My foster Mummy, Kay, says I'm still a bit cheeky but hey, I was just having some fun. What's a dog's life without some fun? Anyway the moment she raises her voice at me, I obey her every command. Aren't I a good dog?

Moreover I never mess up her house with my toilet habits - I much prefer to do it in the garden by the newspapers or the plants. So I'm a good girl, I am.

I'm also very loyal, you know. For eg, I'm really loyal to my foster Mummy who's real good & kind to me. She brought me to her home after I was rescued by Uncle Ken & Aunty HB from the streets where I had to search hard for food everyday, and had to fend off the other dogs to get to the food. Then she brought me for my spaying, which was kindly paid by Aunty Rena.

But Mummy says she can't keep me for long cos there are 4 other doggies in her home. So she says I've to start looking for another family to adopt me. I don't want to go back to the streets anymore, it's really miserable out there. So I'm holding my paws out to you or any of your frens if you can please, please give me a home? I promise I'll be a good & loyal girl to you.

If you can only help me, pls contact my Mommy at

Tel: 019 326 0233.

I'd be so very thankful to you. May all great blessings come your way.



1 comment:

Amber-Mae said...

Goldie is very sweet. I'm hoping she finds a new loving home soon...

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer