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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Many people are still clueless as to what a service dog is....

I have always been amazed by the service dogs that I have seen while I was abroad in England. Usually Labrador Retrievers are the preferred breed as they have excellent temperaments, but there are various other breeds that have been used as service dogs.

I have only recently learnt that Malaysia too has a few service dogs, and I recently had the priviledge to meet Mr Anthony Thanasayan, President of PETPOSITIVE.

I came across this great article written by Mr Thanasayan in the IAADP website.

Marvelous Mutts of Mine by Anthony Thanasayan

The first time I saw a service dog in action was in San Francisco a few years ago when I attended a business talk given by a tetraplegic in his mid-40s. As he spoke, next to him lay his assistance dog, a yellow Labrador retriever in "uniform." The uniform was a backpack specially designed for dogs and tied around its body. In the backpack the speaker had stashed everything he needed: his drinking cup, notebook, his medication, and even a catheter.

None of us paid much notice to the dog, until the man accidentally knocked his notebook off the table. The Labrador cocked up its ears immediately. Before any able-bodied member of the audience could spring forth to help, the speaker gave the command to search and the dog promptly got up to retrieve his notebook.

Then it rose on its hind legs and rested his front paws on the man's lap, the notebook neatly between its teeth, tail wagging. The dog waited patiently until its owner had taken the object from its mouth and placed it on the table, before it got down to assume its previous position. Later, I found out that the speaker's special companion was trained to help the handicapped lead more fulfilling lives.

I thought then: Cool! I wish I could own a dog like that someday. My wish came true last year, but it wasn't without initial problems.

Everyone I talked to about getting a dog had discouraged me; they said I would be inviting more trouble for myself. Somehow they couldn't imagine a physically-disabled person with a dog. To them, a dog and a wheelchair were not compatible. They were more eager to tell me about the difficulties they thought a situation like that would bring me, than the untold benefits and possibilities that would be open to me just by having a pet dog. But thankfully, I had trusted my instincts. Had I listened to them, I would never have known the rich and amazing new world I am experiencing today with my canine companions which I've trained to be my assistants.

Today, my dogs (I have since acquired an Alsatian, after my first dog, a Rottweiler) help me accomplish many of my daily tasks that used to be too much a problem, or impossible, to achieve on my own. Picking up objects is one example; it also happens to be their favourite task. For a person who is unable to bend down to pick up stuff, it is a dream come true. It can be anything - a comb, a crumpled piece of paper, a water tumbler, a five sen coin - and both my Alsatian and Rottweiler will retrieve it for me without fail.

My room has never been tidier. My aunt who has often complained about my unkempt room is impressed! My dogs are smart at getting into hard-to-reach areas such as under the bed or table.

Getting my soiled clothes to the wash used to be a pain but not anymore. All I have to do is say the word and they're off to my room to seek as many smelly clothes as they can find, and they'll bring them to me in the laundry area where I'll be waiting.

They also pick up my mail for me, after the postman is safely away from my gate and across the block!

My dogs are also good at receiving articles from my aunt or my grandmother (who uses a walking frame) from anywhere in the house and bringing them to me, and visa-versa. Their chores include running upstairs to get something I want and down again with the object in their mouth.

Life has changed so much for me now that I have my four-legged friends. Stairs are no more a problem at home because whenever I need something from upstairs, I send my dogs. In many ways, my canny canines make up for my paralyzed legs. I don't feel restricted like before. Things get passed around very quickly and efficiently between my family and I nowadays, thanks to my marvelous mutts!

In addition, my dogs enjoy searching for and fetching my house keys. Gone are the times when hours are spent finding misplaced keys; the dogs, with their acute senses, can locate the keys easily. They can also open and close doors for me, and turn on or off the lights in my room.
Right now I am teaching them to push and pull my wheelchair. This skill will come in handy in overcoming difficult slopes or going uphill.

Furthermore, they are ever so gentle with me - never lunging or tugging at the leash. It's as if they know they have to be extra careful or I may get hurt. When we're out for walks, they gingerly keep pace with me (in my wheelchair), never once rushing off.

My Alsatian not only excels in pushing my wheelchair but frequently does it even without me giving the command - typical of the breed's characteristics. The Rottweiler, meanwhile, tries to outdo his partner when it comes to giving body support, something which he has plenty of.
Once I slipped from the toilet seat and in came my knight in shining black coat. A dramatic rescue manoeuvre was executed; actually I just clung on to the mutt and swung back into my wheelchair.

Physical strength isn't the only thing I get from my dogs. They also help me emotionally and often lift my spirit. Being in a wheelchair, it is not uncommon to feel vulnerable especially when
encountering strangers in new places and surroundings. With my companions around me, I know no harm can come to me because I know that they would defend me to the end. Hence I have the confidence and freedom to do what I wish, like venturing to the nearby park at whatever time I like without having to look over my shoulder all the time.

As for bouts of depression, I don't remember having any lately; not since my dogs came along, anyway. Who could possibly feel down when surrounded by their good humour and energy? And since I've got them, I've been healthier too! My visits to the doctor have reduced significantly and I've saved quite a sum on medical bills. The benefits of having my service dogs as lifetime partners are never-ending. I could go on and on but space constraint does not permit.
My canine companions have helped build my confidence and self-esteem in more ways than I've imagined possible. They have helped me reach heights and proportions far greater in the few months that I've had my canine companions than in my years without them. Their non-judgmental and unconditional acceptance of me and my disability itself speaks millions. I can now face the future boldly, knowing that I am not alone in tackling new challenges or obstacles whatever they may be, because my two loyal friends will be by my side.

So the next time you see me in the park or at some place with my Rottweiler on my right and my Alsatian on the left, you'd better make way. For coming your way is one hell of a team, that's what we are!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hi everyone,

I have been a little quiet for the past week as I have been overloaded with work. But I felt an absolute urgency to post this due to a very distressing email I received. Someone had written to me in desperation as they had received a warning from a Jabatan saying that they had to get rid of one of their dogs or face confiscation. This person has 2 dogs and lives on a landed property and is well within the legal allowance on the number of dogs as far as I know.

I have found this piece of informtion from MPAJ, and it clearly states that you are allowed to have not more than 2 dogs in premises below 1000sq m, and for premises above 1000sq m, the number of dogs allowed is subject to negotiations with MPAJ.

I understand that most councils within the country operate on similar by-laws... So dog owners, know your rights!!! Check with your local council and make them show you the official by-laws before being pressured by them.

Am attaching links to MPAJ for the time being...

MPAJ - Flier Page 01
MPAJ - Flier Page 02

However, also please note that most councils also clearly state that dogs MUST be licensed and the metal license tags must be worn by dogs at all times. And free roaming dogs will be caught by the dog catchers regardless of whether or not they are licensed! So for heaven's sake people, keep your dogS safe!!! Keep them indoors!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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Female JRT-SPITZ Puppy for Free Adoption - DOB 13 August 2007

Please call Lee Kuan at 016-3932513 if you are interested.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Found this excellent article on Kitten Rescue

Four Good Reasons Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet
Spaying or neutering increases your pet's chances for a longer, healthier life.>Spaying a female greatly reduces the chances of breast cancer and the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer and uterine infection, thus your pet may live longer.>Neutering a male reduces the chances of testicular tumors, hernias, abscesses, prostrate enlargement and prostate cancer later in life, thus your pet may live longer.

An altered dog or cat is a better pet for your family.
>Neutered males (especially young males) are less aggressive and less tempted to leave your property.
> Neutered males also are less likely to mark the inside of your house with urine (often called spraying).
>Spaying your female pet eliminates the problem of stray males camping in your yard and decreases her desire to roam and breed.

No family wants to cope with an unwanted pregnancy. Spaying prevents your pet from giving birth to unwanted puppies or kittens. More animals cost more money.

Less animals will die in shelters if your pet is spayed or neutered.In 2000 - 2001 94,514 unwanted dogs and cats were euthanized (killed) at shelters in the County of Los Angeles. Most animals are brought to the shelter because of accidental breeding by free-roaming, unaltered pets which the owners can't find homes for.

More pets spayed or neutered = fewer dogs and cats killed.

Nine Most Common Excuses for Not Spaying or Neutering Pets

My pet will get fat and lazy.
Pets that become fat and lazy after being spayed or neutered usually are overfed and do not get enough exercise.

My pet doesn't go outside, so he/she doesn't need to be fixed.
There is no guarantee that your pet won't get loose by accident and there are health benefits if you fix your pet. The pet over-population problem is caused by animals which are not fixed and get out, even if it's just once.

My pet's personality will change.
After being fixed, your pet will be less aggressive toward other dogs or cats, will be more affectionate towards you and will be less likely to wander. Your cat and dog will be unlikely to spray (urine marking) after they are fixed.

I just couldn't look my dog or cat in the eye if I had him castrated.
You're giving your dog or cat human feelings. Your dog and cat don't have a sense of gender in the way humans do.

It's natural and it wouldn't be fair if we didn't let them have at least one litter.
There hasn't been anything "natural" about dogs or cats since we domesticated them thousands of years ago. We've interfered with nature by domesticating them, so they are no longer wild animals and are dependant on our choices. By domesticating animals we've created the tragedy of pet over-population. We now have the responsibility to solve it. Giving birth has health risks, not giving birth doesn't.

My children should witness our pet giving birth.
Pets often have their litters at night or in a hiding place so you'll rarely see it. If pets are disturbed or can't have privacy when giving birth, it can result in an animal refusing to care for their babies. An alternative is to foster a pregnant mom, or nursing mom with babies and teach your children the value of saving animals and the responsibility of finding them good homes. (Fostering can be set up through your local rescue group.)

We can sell puppies or kittens to make money.
The cost of raising a litter is very expensive and will be more than the profit of selling the animal. Why would someone buy from you when they can get a pet from the shelter for the same price which is already fixed and has a micro-chip (a device for owners to find lost pets)?

We want another pet just like Rover and Fluffy or every one want's my animals/purebreds.
Breeding two purebred animals rarely results in babies that are exactly like one of the parents. With mixed breeds, it is impossible to have offspring that are exactly like one of the parents.

I'm afraid the surgery isn't safe and my pet might die.
Getting a pet spayed or neutered is the most common surgery performed and is very safe. Many veterinarians use equipment which monitors heart and respiratory rates during surgery to make sure the pets are doing well. The health benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered are far greater than the risk involved with surgery.

Why Spay and Neutering is Important
In 2000 - 2001, 94,514 unwanted dogs and cats were euthanized (killed) at shelters in the County of Los Angeles. If you take an animal to the shelter it only has a 10% chance of finding a new home before it's killed. Every year 6-8 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States.

Los Angeles taxpayers spend nearly $10 million to house, feed, kill and dispose of tens of thousands of perfectly healthy but unwanted pets, every year. Of these, 15-20% are pure breds.

More than 45,000 stray dogs and 2,000,000 feral cats are homeless on L. A. streets.

One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in six years.
One female cat and her offspring can produce 80,000 cats in seven years. Cats can start having kittens when they are four months old and can have up to 3 litters a year.

Only one in three kittens born outside will ever live to see its first birthday. Most die horrible deaths from disease, malnutrition, or some misadventure.

70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the USA alone. Compared to only 10,000 human births, it's clear that there will never be enough homes for all these animals.

Whose Animals are Causing this to Happen?
Everyone who has a pet which isn't spayed or neutered, it only takes once! Don't contribute to this tragic unnecessary killing of animals. Have your pet spayed or neutered. An estimated 6 to 8 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters in this country every year. Millions more are abandoned, only to suffer on the streets from illness or injury before dying.

MRDO 2007

Cleo saying hello to another retriever...

Cleo & Pacco

These are the only 2 pictures of Cleo at the MRDO from Pacco... didn't have time to take any pictures of Cleo on the day...


The Coalition of Animal Lovers (CALM) volunteered to man the Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) booth the the MRDO organised by Puppy.Com on October 7.

The event was well organised and there were many activities to keep everyone entertained. The demonstrations by the K9 units and dog protection teams were brilliant and had everyone ooh-ing and ah-ing.

However, we were somewhat disappointed with the attitute of a large number of dog owners that were present at the event.

Many dog owners did not pick up their dogs' poo and merely left the poo on the ground for others to trample on. And some who did pick up after their dogs conveniently hung the poo-filed plastic bags on the little signposts (which were to provide small plastic bags for the convenience of owners) instead of depositing the bags into the many rubbish bins provided.

And of couse we were also quite shocked that some people also "stole" the small water bowls provided by Purina for dogs that attended the event. Our booth was provided with 3 bowls so that dogs who were thirsty could drink from them. But within 2 hours of the event, one of the bowls had disappeared. After that we had to constantly monitor the remaining 2 bowls to ensure that they remained at our booth.

While we laud Purina for being so kind and considerate to provide water bowls and water for hte dogs, what we could not understand was why the dog owners did not bring their own supply of water for their dogs? Dog owners should always ensure that they have water for their dogs whenever they take their dogs out. Dogs can overheat easily in this country's hot climate!

And then of course there were some dog owners who were oblivious to their dogs' needs... We noticed many dogs that were foaming at the mouth and who were panting with thirst due to the heat... but the owners did nothing to cool these dogs down. CALM members had to run around with the water bowls to quench the thirst of many dogs that came by our booth...

Promises to my Dog
Spay & Neuter Your Pets

CALM’s focus of the day was The Importance of Spaying & Neutering Your Dog. We also talked about the responsibilities that came along with owning a dog, while highlighting many real cases of cruelty and neglect in this country. See the links above for more information.

We also discovered that many dog owners were unaware that with modern technological advances, puppies can be safely spayed / neutered from as early as 8 weeks. Of course there are also many health benefits that came along with spaying / neutering dogs apart from the fact that spaying/neutering would directly reduce the number of unwanted puppies.

There were also dog owners that literally snubbed us for even trying to promote spaying and neutering of dogs. They claimed that it was cruel and unethical... Interesting.

We were also horrified that there were irresponsible breeders present at the event. Some of them went so far as to distribute little handouts to people at our booth!!! They were selling puppies from as little as RM600!!! These breeders were really awful as they were only concerned about making money and were not at all concerned about the welfare of their dogs.

They brought two of their dogs with them and their Labrador Retriever was suffering from the heat and they made no efforts to cool her down. Again CALM members had to provide the poor girl with water and when we informed this person about it, they weren't even slightly embarassed.

Well done to Puppy.Com for announcing to the public that they should not be buying puppies from irresponsible dog owners that hand out fliers at public events.

Unfortunately it started to rain towards the end of the event. Luckily CALM had prepared some quiz questions which were used for an impromptu Quiz Session by Puppy.Com. Many dog owners knew answers to the Basic Questions, but we were horrified that there were some people who didn't have a clue as to what the answers should be... One person responded that health benefits from spaying or neutering included better digestion and healthier teeth???

Take the Quiz... see how much you know

Quiz Questions
Quiz Answers

But all in all, we believe that the event was a success and we hope that Puppy.Com will continue to organised this event on a regular basis so that dog owners will be aware of their responsibilities to their dogs...


Hi all,

We have a message from our new friend Anthony, the President of PETPOSITIVE. We would be grateful if any of you could help by donating wheelchairs or walking sticks to this organisation.

Cleo & Lucky



Do you have a wheelchair that's lying around in your house with no use? What about a walking frame or stick which you've been storing for months?

If they are in a good usuable condition - and they're foldable (so that they can nicely fit into the car) - PETPOSITIVE needs them! Of course, we'll be speechless if you could donate brand new ones!

The Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive) is organising an outing for disabled and elderly people at FRIM later this month and these equipment will be extremely useful for our members.

Please donate them to us! They'll also be much appreciated for many of our future events.
Please contact Petpositive by calling or sending a SMS to (6) 012 220 3146.
You may also visit us at our blog here: or send us an email at

If you can't help us at this time with these requests, kindly forward this email to someone you think that might be able to help us.

Thank you! Selamat Hari Raya!

Anthony Thanasayan

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Please call Pound Supervisor En Zainal Kamal at these numbers
Pound: 03 6136 6016
Mobile: 019 204 4145

Rascal and Mishka relaxing in front of my house

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Strays, dogs and cats alike, have received alot of flak from the public over the years. Strays have been cited to be a nuisance and are even categorised as pests by the local councils...

Are strays really that bad? While I love animals, I believe that the stray population needs to be curbed and if possible eliminated, albeit in a humane fashion. My belief stems from the fact that these strays are often mistreated by people and it pains me to have to see strays rummaging for food in garbage bins and desperately seeking shelter from the harsh elements on a daily basis.

However, I have a few stray kids on my street and I sincerely believe that my strays are alot better behaved than most owned pedigreed dogs and cats. In total I have 2 stray dogs at the moment and 4 stray cats, in addition to my own 2 furkids.

They come for their meals twice a day and are extremely well behaved. 3 of the cats are camera shy so it has been quite hard to get pictures of them. I am trying to gain their trust so that I can "capture" them in a friendly manner, spay/neuter them and rehome them if possible.

Mishka & Rascal having dinner together...

Believe it or not, my stray dogs and cats get along perfectly well. They do not fight and can eat peacefully side by side. After their meals they usually relax in front of my house for awhile and sometimes even engage in friendly games of tag!

Mishka the cat is usually the hunter while Rascal the dog is the prey! Sasha, the dog usually minds her own business and looks on with disdain at the two boys at play...

Mishka is incredibly friendly and now lives in my porch. He will be neutered soon and will make a great pet even in a household with dogs as he is perfectly comfortable with dogs.

Rascal is becoming very friendly, and I am hoping to be able to get him into my car without resistance soon, so that he can be checked by the vet, and subsequently neutered.

Sasha is still very cautious. I suspect that she must have been mistreated before. But fingers crossed, she will trust me soon...

So folks, strays aren't that bad. Their bad behaviour is usually due to hunger and fear of humans... so give them a chance... Adopt a Stray if you can...

Friday, October 05, 2007


A wounded dog that has not been treated

A large number of you have contacted me asking how you can help... I have been cautious about putting up information as I have been worried about the reprecussions for the dogs.

Anyway, some friends have done some "detective" work and we have discovered that there is a possibility of adopting from the pound.... We could not do this ourselves as we are already known faces at the pound.

Basically our friends visited the pound on the pretext of losing their dog. And then they pretended that their dog wasn't there. They were told to check back in a week. They were also told that the dogs were kept for a week, sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes a month. This means there is no proper management of the dogs...

When our friends asked if they could adopt if they do not find their dog... the answer was a yes. But there was a RM 100.00 "adoption" fee. So if any of you are interested in saving these dogs to give them immediate relief, perhaps you can make a trip to the pound and adopt one or two dogs...

You will have to decide which dogs you would want to adopt - either the very sick ones so that you can put them out of their misery (I hate putting down dogs, but for some of them in the pound this is the best option), or choose the healthiest ones so that they can have a new lease on life with you.

We're working on several other options for the current dogs, but the amount of politics and protocall involved is ridiculous. Hopefully we will manage to achieve something soon so that future dogs will not have to be subject to this intolerable cruelty.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Evie, Shenaaz and I visited the Selayang Pound again with the SPCA yesterday, 2nd October 2007. The conditions were as hellish as ever. I don't think that I can brave another visit, although I know I probably would have to.

I have loads of pictures from this trip, but have yet to upload all of them. It's breaking my heart to have look at the pictures. I have managed to put some on my Facebook account. Click here to view them.

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A wounded dog that has not been treated

This boy was completely drenched

The cages were somewhat cleaner than on Monday, as we arrived just after the floors were washed. Bear in mind that the dogs are not removed from the cages when the floors are washed. So most dogs either get wet from being hosed down or will get wet from having to lie in the water. One dog was completely drenched - I couldn't understand why.

Dangerous metal bits on the inside of the cages...

I am also unsure why there were dangerous bits of metal fencing that were left on the insides of some of the cages. These could easily cause injury to the dogs - but maybe that's what the bits of metal was for...

This time we noted that the dogs did not have any shade from the sun, as I had suspected from my first visit. The cages provided minimal shelter from the afternoon sun. The sun was shining directly into the cages. This also means that when it rains heavily or storms (as it often does in Malaysia), these poor dogs would be drenched to the bone.

2 puppies that were together with the adults. 1 is skeletal while the other is suffering from a severe eye infection. He was unable to open his eyes the entire duration that we were there.
The 3 cages donated by the SPCA were not utilised. We had wanted to transfer the puppies into the cages ourselves on Monday but we were not allowed to. The Health Inspector told us that it would be done.

There were 2 puppies that were isolated. But their cage was left in the baking sun with no shade at all. Alan of SPCA had to rummage through some stuff at the pound before managing to find a tray to try and shield them from the sun.

This puppy is desperately trying to get at the soggy food on the floor

These puppies were fed while we were there. A large amount of food was given in a plastic plate which the pups tipped over. All the food slipped through the cage and onto the floor. They were unable to eat any of it. And one of the workers proceeded to wash the floor right where the puppies were at this time. The food became obviously became wet.A fight between the two of them also broke out...

After some time, we managed to persuade them to let the puppies out so that they could eat the soggy food.

The seventh cage that was used to store random things instead of easing the congestion in the other cages. There's plenty of space elsewhere for these things...

The cats were in a slightly better condition. But their water was full of sand, and there were 3 dead foetuses in the shelter. The tabby that had given birth to them was still in labour. She was in the midst of delivering another kitten. We asked if the vet had come to look at her. The answer was no. We asked if the vet will be able to come. We were not given a straight answer.

This dog with the wound has yet to be treated although the Health Inspector was already notified of his condition on Monday.

One of the workers accidentally let slip that the vet only comes once a month. He was quickly reprimanded by the other, in Tamil - of which I could understand a few words. The first worker then corrected himself and told us that the vet comes once a fortnight. This was interesting news to us whichever the case is... for MPS had announced that the vet visited every week.

I just cannot understand how people can be so heartless. I just can't...

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Monday, October 01, 2007


I have just returned from a trip to the Selayang Dog Pound. I went together with Joanne and Leigh at the invitation of the SPCA. The conditions at the pound were horrible in my opinion.

The dogs were in a terrible condition, physically and emotionally. All the dogs were filthy, alot of them were sick and were shivering terribly, a number of them had wounds and sores, and almost all of them were very very thin. There was faeces in the cages, and some pans of water were undrinkable as it had urine in them.

There was no food anywhere today, and I suspect that they were all very hungry too. The congestion in the cages caused fights to break out - a few happened while we were there. But what struck me most was the fear that emanated from them when we arrived. It makes me wonder what these dogs are subjected to on a daily basis at the pound.

The dogs only calmed down after about 10 minutes when they realised that we were not going to harm them. Quite a few of them were very friendly and were starved for affection. We knew immediately that these were not strays per se, but were dogs that had homes and owners who loved them.

It is most unfortunate that they had to end up in this pound, where all that awaits them is impending death, and a horrible one at that.

1. The dog shelter - note that in the event of heavy rain or a storm all the dogs would be completely drenched!
2. A pen with a cow and cow-dung everywhere just opposite the cages where the dogs are

3. A small white dog that was very friendly and starved for affection

4. One of the dogs that had sores on his skin
5. This was another friendly dog that was pleading for us to take him away.

6. These dogs were terrified of us initially and are quite sickly. They were shivering and were lying down all the time.
7. This white dog had a severe maggot wound on his right hind leg. He has not been treated for a whole week. SPCA had already notified MPS of his condition when they visited last week. Note the faeces all over the place.

8. This poor boy was caught with a huge padlock and a heavy chain. MPS did not remove this from him.
9. This girl cannot even get a drink cause the water dish was full or urine.

10. This boy was foaming at the mouth

11. Note the faeces on the floor of this cage too

12. Another friendly doggie. Note the faeces on the ground
13. Two puppies isolated from the rest with no food.

14. The very cramped conditions in the cages, and almost all the dogs were sick

15. Two very sick puppies
16. Sick dogs that were shivering away in the middle of the day

Here is a chronology of what happened at the pound today:

1330 SPCA's Alan Hor and Cunera Kimlon, and I arrived at the pound. We were told that the caretaker had gone out for lunch and would only be back at about 1430hrs

1345 We went to a nearby stall for lunch

1415 We returned to the pound. Joanne and Leigh had also arrived by this time. We were not allowed entry into the pound although the MPS were aware that the SPCA would be making a visit to the pound today to check on the conditions of the dogs as well as to donate 3 cages to the council.

1425 A Cik Nazmeen from MPS arrives. She informed us that we were not allowed into the pound. No reason was given except that this was the instructions that she received.

1450 We were finally allowed to enter the pound. All of us walked into the pound while the SPCA truck drove in. The dogs started barking and howling in fear. As we approached them we saw that they were all so frightened and were crouching at the back of the cages.

What struck me most was the stench that was emanating from the pound. I suffer from severe sinusitis and can't smell a thing usually. But one can only imagine how terrible the smell must have been for to have been able to complain that it was bad.

The first thing that I noted was the presence of a cow in a pen, with cow-dung all over the pen. Wasn't quite sure why the cow was there though.

We were told that Vet Fine (M) Sdn Bhd makes two trips to the pound each day, once at about 10am in the morning and another at about 3 or 4 pm in the evening.

We counted 45 dogs in total (5 of which were puppies). 1 puppy was running loose in the area, while 2 others were in a small cage away from the main cages. There were 7 large cages in total but only 6 were used, while the 7th was used to store some stuff.

The dogs were in appalling conditions. There was one dog with a heavy chain and a padlock on his neck. He was caught that way and left that way. Another dog was foaming at the mouth and we suspect that he may have distemper. Some of the dogs had large ticks on them, and the puppies were sickly and grossly thin. Other dogs had wounds and sores and were shivering. They probably had caught colds from the being hosed down with water twice a day by MPS personnel.

Due to the congestion in the cages, a few dog fights broke out while we were there. I cannot imagine what it's like during feeding times, assuming they are fed at all.

There was faeces everywhere, and most of it was runny with mucus, which meant that a large number of these dogs were seriously ill. Some of the dogs had faeces on their fur or had to stand or lie in the faeces and urine as there was nowhere else to stand.

1530 Joanne & Leigh left.

1550 Alan Hor, Cunera and I left. Vet Fine didn't show.

All in all this was a terrible afternoon for me... I cannot understand how our local authorities can have so many stipulations for 'acceptable living conditions' for people who would like to own dogs, when they cannot even provide the most basic level of care and shelter for the dogs that they have either caught or confiscated.


I have just received this report from the SPCA regarding their second visit to the MPS Dog Pound last Friday:

1200 SPCA staff went to the pound, but the door was locked.

1310 The door was still locked.

1445 A VetFine (hired contractors by MPS to catch dogs)van came and waited at the pound.

1500 More SPCA staff arrived, Joanne left.

1515 The pound was opened by 2 MPS kennel personnel. The VetFine van drove in.

1520 Vetfine staff unloaded 3 dogs into the kennels. Then they loaded 12 dogs alive into their
van. When asked, they said that the dogs were to be taken to Kuala Selangor to be euthanised and disposed on the spot. When queried why the dogs cannot be euthanised immediately at the pound, no one could provide any answers.

1530 Vetfine van sped off quickly. SPCA staff unable to follow. SPCA also took back 6 puppies for rehoming.

Some important things to note:
1. Vetfine is the hired dog catching contractor of MPS
2. All dogs are supposed to be euthanised at the MPS Pound under the supervision of the pound's vet. So why were 12 dogs taken away alive by VetFine?
3. VetFine are the same people that have been accused of brutally killing 5 dogs in the Ampang Jaya Area.
4. The MPS Dog Pound is in a deplorable condition

I am once again pleading to all of you to help make a difference for these dogs. Please write in to the press, to the Prime Minister, to the political parties and to animal rights organisations around the world.

See previous post for a list of addresses you can write to. Please let me know if you have addresses of other relevant authorities or organisations. You can email me at