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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Humans are supposed to have evolved from monkeys... well I am not going to go into the details of evolution, but you know what I mean. So theoretically, humans should be smarter than our furry counterparts. But somehow that doesn't seem to be the case in our country.

What on earth am I talking about? Well Cleo and I have been going for our morning walks in Taman Tar again, after a long hiatus; and while we enjoy our walks, we also get rather agitated with some rather irresponsible people who use the track.

There seems to be 3 main groups of people:

1. The Exercisers
2. The Monkey Feeders aka Litter Bugs
3. The Irresponsible Dog Owners

The Exercisers are fine... they are just people who are keen on keeping in shape. It's the other 2 groups that grate on mine and Cleo's nerves.

The Monkey Feeders, aka Litter Bugs.
While we have no problems with these people feeding the monkeys (they have not much food left in their "home" - since we humans have invaded their jungles) ; they piss us off for 2 reasons.

The Monkeys at Taman Tar

The first being that they litter! Crikey, you should see the amount of litter that these people leave behind everyday! We appreciate their being kind to the monkeys, but for goodness sakes don't leave the plastic bags/boxes and paper bags all over the place. It's not that hard to take it home or put the trash into a litter bin is it?

There's one particular stretch of this walking track - where the monkeys are - that is always full of rubbish... I think I shall try and take a better picture and post it tomorrow. But in the picture above, you can just about see a plastic bag and some bits of paper on the grass. (and this is a "clean" stretch!)

The second reason why the Monkey Feeders annoy us, is the fact that these rather "stupid" humans seem to think that the Monkeys are less dangerous compared to a dog on a leash... huh???

A large number of them, mostly Muslims, will be happily feeding the monkeys with their children in tow. They seem to have no worries at all that the monkeys may attack their children. But the minute they see me and Cleo walking past, and Cleo stays close to me on a leash, they pull their children back, and go like "eh, anjing besar...nanti gigit " and give us hostile looks. Mind you these monkeys have snatched food from them, and have even scratched some of them. But these humans still think that the monkeys are less dangerous compared to my doe-eyed Cleo? Hmmm...

Irresponsible Dog Owners

I am actually quite thankful that Taman Tar is still open to dogs... alot of people walk their dogs there and it's a really great track But unfortunately, there are quite a number of dog owners that are really stupid or irresponsible...

The first problem with them is that they allow their dogs to "poo" everywhere. Cleo has had a few unfortunate incidents where she actually stomped onto other doggie's poo... I wasn't impressed and neither was she. Why these people don't pick up after their dogs is beyond my comprehension... after all they will be walking on that same track every day, so wouldn't it be much nicer for them and for everyone else if the track was free of dog poo???

Cleo is not allowed to poo outside.. but I am always prepared and I always have a few plastic bags plus wads of tissues with me so that I can pick up after her if necessary. There were a few times when people have walked past me while I was picking up Cleo's poo, and I think they were quite shocked at what I was doing. But at the same time I knew they appreciated it, cause I can always hear them commenting softly : "wah, dia kutip-la..."

So please doggie owners, pick up after your dog!!!

The other problem with dog owners is the fact that there are some that allow their dogs to chase the monkeys. Why on earth do they do this I don't know... don't they realise that monkeys can be very aggresive? I am actually very fearful that the monkeys will attack once they have had enough. And the worst part would be that innocent dogs and their owners might fall victim to their attacks... We actually stopped walking in Taman Tar for a bit because there were a few very large monkeys that would actually stalk us. And I firmly believe that they wanted their revenge on the dogs that chased and frightened them...

Sigh... so tell me, who are the real monkeys here?

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