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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Watch NTV7 Breakfast Show On Dec 22nd

The Remember Sheena Campaign has arranged for Dr. Mohamad Akram Laldin to speak on the NTV7 Breakfast Show on how Islam supports compassion and kindness towards all of God's creatures, including dogs.

Dr Akram is Assistant Professor and Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs), (Kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences) at the International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM).

Please tune in from 8:30 am on December 22nd, 2006, to watch this programme.Thank you The Breakfast Show and Dr. Akram for helping us in our education drive.


As most of you would know by now, the Furry Friends Farm has recently been setup by Sabrina Yeap and co, and the farm is an ideal place for all animals.

The Farm has come up with a Wish List, so it'll be great if you guys could help them out. Every bit counts, so please don't think that your contribution is too small! Even if you can only spare RM10, that would be great. Cause if everyone spares RM10, we will be able to make the RM20,000 target real soon!

You can make a difference.

Furry Friends Farm Christmas Wish List

1. FFF needs RM20,000 to renovate the Farm. This includes
a) Toilets and bathrooms so they can start opening the farm for camping.
b) A sanatorium for animals.
c) An office.
d) A comfortable place to raise free range chickens because they want to discourage people from buying eggs that come from battery hens.
e) A fence for the entire farm. The Farm is now just an open, uncultivated land. If there is no fence the animals will run away and get lost.

If you can't contribute towards the RM20,000 in cash, please give us building materials or if you are a builder, better still. Help them renovate.

2. To open doors for Sabrina Yeap to speak at colleges, offices and Christians open your market-place ministry to talks on animals too please. Dr Habeeb went back after the Press Conference and showed Joy's poster to the student of the Islamic university and they were shocked and horrified. So many people don't know what is actually going on out there with regards to animals.

3. FFF need funds to spay and neuter stray animals. It costs about RM200 for a dog and a little lesser for a cat to neuter, de-worm, vacccinate and transport. Please pay directly to the Vet who helps FFF neuter.

Make out the cheque to POEZENBOOT SDN BHD and post to
PetFirst Veterinary Centre,
No. 14 Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2,
Taman Usahawan,
Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Since the vets are temporarily helping FFF collect their donations too, kindly specify what the donation is for and your full address so they can make out a receipt to you accordingly.

Love heals...

Dear all,

Here is a quick update from the Remember Sheena Campaign on Joy, the dog that was badly injured by Indonesian workers.

I am so glad that she is doing well, and I hope this posting will help people realise that with the proper care, attention and Love, even the most severely injured animals can be healed. While I do believe that there are cases where putting the animal to sleep is the best option so that it will no longer suffer, I feel that we should at least give them a chance before closing the door on them.

And well done to all thos who helped Joy!!!

Extracted from the Remember Sheena Campaign
Joy Is Fine And Encompassed By Love

Thank you all so much for your support. Those who wrote in with letters and posted your comments on the blog. Yes! Linking RSC to your blog with Joy's story will most definitely help. So my gratitude and thanks to all of you who are doing this.One of them is Nick Josh Karean who is representative of the Humane Society in Malaysia. Nick posted Joy's story and it made it to the front page of Care2NewsNetwork.

Do log on and read the many comments from abroad if you wish to at
So far Sin Chew did a great story on Joy and Malaysiakini also carried the story. We are still working to get the news out. We are even getting some reaction from the Malaysian government, which we shall notify you all of later.

For those of you who are distressed, please don’t be. I am putting up a photo of Joy at the Press Conference in Batu Caves just to assure all of you he is fine now (photos of Joy on Sherrina's lap. Sherrina is from the Independent Pet Rescuers. To the right (seated) is Sabrina Yeap.

Tuan Hj Rahim from ABDA Aviation and his wife Umi are at the back. This goes to show what love can do. Even the greatest wound inflicted heals through a large dose of LOVE. And God is LOVE.Tuan Hj Rahim and Sister Umi are a muslim couple. They feed all of God's creatures including dogs. They came to support us and denounce this cruel act upon Joy.

Jesus said "If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword."

So we won't stoop to the level of crying vengeance. I know a lot of you are angry but let's put this anger to positive use and not get bitter. We will continue with what we are always preaching: "Education and speaking up for the voiceless" because the Truth will set you free.This is why RSC arranged for muslims to come to the Press Conference on December 14 at a restaurant in Batu Caves. We are here to work together with our brothers and sisters from different religions to fight ignorance.We don't want to see what happened to Joy happen again.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


This article from the Remember Sheena Campaign has once again shocked and horrified me. I cannot understand how humans, who are supposed to be beings with a higher sense of intelligence etc, can resort to such inhumane treatment of God's creatures.

A stray dog was cruelly beaten by some Indonesian workers at a construction site because they believed that dogs were haram.

I am not sure if it was highlighted in the papers then, but I guess I must have missed it as I was actually in Indonesia at the time.

I do hope that Joy will be able to live a comfortable life at the Farm.However I think it was quite strange that the Indonesians acted that way to Joy. This is because when I was in Indonesia (Jakarta to be precise), I realised that the Muslims there were very tolerant towards most things including dogs. And all around Jakarta, there were signs with pictures of dogs that read:

Kawasan Bebas Anjing Liar,
Peliharalah Haiwan Kesayangan Anda Dengan Benar dan Sempurna.

So I'd like to believe that these Indonesians are perhaps a minority or have been "brain-washed" into thinking that dogs are haram.

Also, as far as I know (and I have been and will be continuing research on this), the Quran specifically says that man must treat all God's creatures with kindness, including Dogs!

I have also been told by a large number of Muslims that it's perfectly alright to own dogs. In fact I do have a number of Muslim friends that have dogs and love their dogs to bits. Interestingly, I live in a predominantly Muslim area, and since I started walking Cleo every morning, almost all the Muslims in the area have warmed to her, and greet me and Cleo (they actually specifically say Good Morning Cleo) every time they see us. One neighbour has even petted her several times. He informed me that it's only in this country that the Muslims are quite adverse to dogs.

So what do we do now? I guess we should all play a part in educating the public that animal cruelty is not acceptable. And note that this should not be targeted at Muslims only as a large number of non-Muslims are also guilty of this crime.

Extracted from the Remember Sheena Campaign

Indonesian Workers Attack Dog Calling It "Haram"

Furry Friends Farm and The Remembering Sheena Campaign held a Press Conference on December 14, 2006 to highlight the plight of Joy, a stray dog that had been so cruelly beaten by Indonesian workers that her lower jaw was crushed. At about 9am on Dec 2, 2006, Sabrina Yeap, managing partner of the Furry Friends Farm (FFF), rescued a dog at the Ki-Park Sri Utara construction site belonging to developer, Kepong Industrial Park Sdn Bhd (KIP Group).

The site is situated about 10km from the Batu Caves roundabout, heading towards Sungei Buloh and Kepong.The lower jaw of the dog was dangling and its tongue was hanging out. Two eye-witnesses who pleaded with Sabrina to help the dog, said they had seen it being beaten by Indonesian foreign workers who kept calling the dog “haram” as it was attacked.

Sabrina took the dog, which she later named Joy, to the veterinary clinic. Joy’s lower jaw was so badly injured it had to be surgically removed, but the tongue was saved despite having lacerations and blood clots.

As representative of RSC, I spoke to Mr Kok Pick Tong, one of the four managing directors of KIP Group which employs the workers that ill-treated Joy. I requested permission for Dr Habeeb Rahman Ibramsa, who lectures in Quran and Sunnah Studies at the International Islamic University in Gombak, Selangor, to give a talk to all their foreign workers on Islam’s clear stand of compassion towards animals, including dogs. Mr Kok refused to co-operate.

On December 4, 2006, RSC sent an official letter to Mr Kok making this request along with the request by FFF for the KIP Group to bear all of Joy’s medical expenses and maintenance at the FFF, an animal shelter which has decided to adopt Joy. Mr. Kok has ignored all letters and telephone calls from RSC.

On December 6, 2006, RSC wrote to Dr. Subramaniam, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, the Minister of Housing and Local Government, Tan Seri Datuk Seri Panglima Bernard Dompok, Minister in charge of the Public Complaints Bureau, and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The letters were sent out to these parties appealing to the government to be more pro-active in the area of animal welfare in Malaysia.

There has been much public outcry over the banning of a select number of dogs in Shah Alam, the mass “murder” of Mr Eng Her Sun’s dogs by the Seremban Municipal Council’s death squad, the cruel culling of birds by the Department of Veterinary Services during the bird flu scare, the increase in pet dumping and abuse of stray animals and pets.RSC invited lecturer in Quran and Sunnah Studies at the International Islamic University in Gombak to give a talk to the Indonesian workers but the developer did not allow it.

Hence, RSC and FFF are calling for the Government to support their education programmes that are aimed at ending this needless violence towards animals. Next year is Visit Malaysia Year 2007, and already tourists are squirming at Malaysia’s ill-treatment and cruelty to animals – from wildlife to domestic pets.

“We are not asking the government to find and punish the people who did this to Joy, although the laws of Malaysia provide for this. We are calling on the Government to support our public education projects by persuading the developer, KIP Group, to allow us to educate their workers,” said Sabrina Yeap.

“I wish to end this ignorance that the Quran supports violence against animals, and am willing to give lectures, presentations and screen videos that support what I am saying. I hope the public, Government officials, foreign workers and others who need to hear this truth will attend,” said Dr. Habeeb Rahman Ibramsa, Lecturer in Quran and Sunnah Studies at the International Islamic University, Gombak, Selangor.

Today Joy has to carry on living without his lower jaw and teeth. He can only eat soft food for the rest of his life. RSC was invited to a meeting called "Dasar Kawalan Anjing" in February this year, along with 30 other NGOs by Dr. Subramaniam Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Housing and Local Government. To-date nothing has been done by the government and we are wondering what the meeting was for. They should instead have held a meeting called "Dasar Kawalan Manusia".

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Please give us a home...


The Furry Friends Farm is a one of a kind shelter for animals. Sited amid the greenery of Kundang village in Sungai Buloh, in Kuala Lumpur , it offers 1.2ha of land for stray and abandoned dogs and cats to run and play freely. Animal welfare education officer Sabrina Yeap, who works at an animal medical centre in Jalan Tun Razak, started the farm with couple Jimmy and Lucia Foo.

Recently a friend of mine, Davina, and a bunch of others from the Remember Sheena Campaign paid a visit to the Furry Friends Farm. Unfortunately I was unable to join them at the time. But here are some pictures of the farm. Click here for more pictures and an interesting article on the farm by Davina.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Christmas Shopping?

Make a difference this Christmas by getting one of these delightful calendars.

Where to get your copy?

Sixth Sense Pet Boutique, Taman Sri Hartamas - 019 833 4808

Pet Shack Pet Shop, Bandar Sunway - 5637 4536

As you Like It Florist, Desa Sri Hartamas - 6203 1599

Yoga 2 Health, Bangsar Jalan Telawi - 2282 3866

Superb Pet Shop, USJ - 8024 9015

Pets People, Plaza Damas - 6201 1708

Friday, December 08, 2006


Dear everyone,

My friend Kay's Jack Russel Snowy has just gone missing. Please help find her. She's an adorable little doggie and is a friend of Cleo's too.

If you have any information about Snowy, please call

Kay at 012 391 9199 / 03 9130 4360

or call me at 016 322 8816

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier
Age : 3 yrs old
Sex : Female
Lost in Cheras.


Last month, I put up a post pleading with everyone to sign the petition against the killing of Mr. Eng's 13 dogs. While the number of signatures has increased, the petition is still short of a few more. The petition currently has 1990 signatures, and the targeted number of signatures is 2000. Please help make a difference. It will only take a few minutes of your time.
You can sign the petition at

Featured Voices for Those Who Have None (Last Updated-November 29, 2006):

1,635 When I was in Penang, the local council there (MPSP) used to come to our neighborhood looking for stray dogs. The way the dogs ran away in fright, and the cruel way they were caught and eventually shot (not necessarily to death) is still very painful for me. I am amazed at how all the municipal councils share the same attitude towards animals. They are consistent in their disrespect of animal rights and life. Naomi (pic) is a victim of their cruelty. She was cruelly murdered early this year by another municipal council. Someone should put a stop to this and the only one who can is you, Mr. Prime Minister. Please make Malaysia a more caring society.

Raihana Souket

522 I represent the Remembering Sheena Campaign which began after a German Shepherd was kept starving by her owner. The newspapers reported that the Dept of Veterinary Services did not attend to the repeated telephone calls reporting Sheena's abuse and then the court let the owner of Sheena free with only a RM100 even though the law provides for a jail sentence. Now with the 13 dogs shot by the authorities it shows a total lack of compassion and humanity in Malaysian authorities in dealing with animals. Let the people not look the other way. What profits a Man when he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

Shoba Mano, Malaysia

1,795 Malaysians are unfortunately not the best when it comes to animal welfare. This incident is not an isolated one as there have been several other incidences where animals have been cruelly abused and/or killed. I am pleading to everyone to help make a change for the animals in Malaysia. They are beings with feelings too... Help make a difference. People who abuse animals should face harsher and stiffer punishment. A fine is just like a slap on the wrist. I think a suitable jail term should be imposed.

Natasha Fernz

1,771 Lots of animal abuse and cruelty by government bodies. Prime Minister, hold those responsible accountable even if its old news and amend the laws in Malaysia in regards to animal rights. We should not point our fingers elsewhere like we always do when it comes to matters like this as this will not bring us to the developed status we crave for. After all, even a starving African nation can build buildings to reach the sky... material wealth is no wealth at allCarmel TanMalaysia1,602I can't imagine any Court could APPROVE the public shooting of dogs... they could have at least be humanely put to sleep... have these officers no heart??

Beatrice Wang

1,757 It is disgusting to see how some animals are treated here in Malaysia. Their actions which reflects their low mentality is a serious embarrassment to the rest of us. And I'm not just talking about this killing of 13 dogs; pets being dumped after the initial excitement is gone, children tormenting animals while their parents just laughed it off, adults mistreating animals when even the cheapest furniture in the house gets better treatment. How are we as a nation be advanced, when there are people around who act just like barbarians?

Jessie C.

1,668 Dear Mr. Prime Minister, in this day and age, when you so often talk about "civilizational understanding" and Islam Hadhari, it is shocking to note that voiceless creatures in the animal kingdom, specifically dogs, are slaughtered in cold blood by the Death Squads operating in our local councils. Aren't dogs too created by the Almighty God? Do you not believe this? Please put a stop to killings that make Malaysians look like barbaric people. Show the world that we are "civilized". Stop the killing of our animals. Show some humanity!!

Joshua G. Purushotman

710 I am appalled by the shooting. In a country that preaches living a life of good by example of Prophet Muhammad, this is what happens? Dogs are God's creatures as well, if not HE would not have made them. I wonder... had they been cats, would the authorities have shot them mercilessly like that?

Zehan Marissa

1,313 Apa salah haiwan-haiwan tu? Bukankah dalam hadith riwayat muslim dan bukhari menjelaskan yang Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. bersabda, "sesiapa yg mengasihani makhluk-makhluk Allah, maka ia juga menyayangi diri mereka"? Jadi fahamilah maksud sabda tersebut...

Nurazhar Mohamad

1,305 "He, who does a good deed to an animal, is equal to doing a good deed to a human being, and he who does an evil deed to an animal, is equal to doing an evil deed to a human being." - Nabi Muhammad SAW. "He who is kind to the creatures of Allah is kind to himself." - Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Mark Harris Zuknik

1735 Kejam! Kejam! Adahkah ini sama macam tindakan ganas rejim yahudi?? Buat apa kita mengutuk negara lain?? Ini kerajaan lakukan tindakan ganas terhadap haiwan yg tidak bersalah. KEJAM! KEJAM! Memalukan bila lihat pemerintah kita sekarang!!

Salleh Wan Ismail

1719 It's sad that in a lot of Asian countries dogs and other animals are seen as a minority, they aren’t acknowledged as living breathing beings, just a meal or a thing of entertainment. Whatever happened to dogs being “Mans best friend”? Disposition of dogs in this manner is sick and inhumane and I hope the Malaysian Municipal Council sees its errors and changes its ways.

Sully Al-Eidan
Saudi Arabia

467 The Malaysian people and government should show their humanity by denouncing this cruelty to animals.

James H. Fitch
United States

1,835 This is not a good reflection of the people in Malaysia. Not a good thing for the tourism industry when this is known worldwide.

ML Cheah
United States

303 This is disgusting, wrong, cruel, and shameful. Don't let it happen again. Don't take the lives of innocent creatures. Doing so only reflects on how little you respect ANY life, be it human or animal. Listen to the voices of all the people who have signed this petition, from all around the world, and rethink your cruel behavior. Make a change, and never let it happen again.

Elizabeth Emerson
United States


Dear everyone,

The Christmas season is near, and I am sure that everyone is already out shopping for presents. Perhaps this year, you can help animals in need by buying gifts for your loved ones from charitable organisations.

Malaysia's 365 Days Cat/Dog Desktop Calendars are for Sale Now


Hartamas Shopping Centre

Every Saturday from 12pm - 6pm at RM35 each

You can make a difference.

Thursday, December 07, 2006



Note from Lucky the Mongrel Puppy

Hi, my name is Lucky - well at least that's what Natasha keeps calling me. I am a 2 month old mongrel and am currently living with Natasha and Cleo. I can be playful if I think you can be trusted. See I have not had very good experiences with humans previously. Boys used to frighten me and throw stones at me. It hurt quite a bit, and then Natasha took me in.

I didn't like her at first cause she was constantly checking on me. And then she started giving me milk and yummy BilJac. So I thought she was nice. Until she decided that I was too smelly and gave me a bath yesterday! Well, I guess it's for the best cause at least I smell nice now... so maybe someone will come and give me a home soon...

If you think you would like to take me home, please give Natasha a call... Her phone number is 016 322 8816


There are many other dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that are available for adoption. Please visit Hartamas Shopping Centre on Saturdays from 12pm - 6pm.

Here are some of the lovely animals that are waiting for kind people to take them home.

For more pictures, please visit


Furry Friends Farm In The News

This article below was out in the STAR Metro section on November 13, 2006.


THE Furry Friends Farm is a one of a kind shelter for animals. Sited amid the greenery of Kundang village in Sungai Buloh, in Kuala Lumpur , it offers 1.2ha of land for stray and abandoned dogs and cats to run and play freely. Animal welfare education officer Sabrina Yeap, who works at an animal medical centre in Jalan Tun Razak, started the farm with couple Jimmy and Lucia Foo.

The photo above is of Sabrina Yeap with a poodle that she rescued from Puchong recently. The farm was opened on Oct 4, to mark World Animal Day. Currently, they have just three workers. Backed by 15 years of working experience with the Society for the Prevention of Animals (SPCA) and lots of encouragement from friends, she decided to set up the home to "rehabilitate" abandoned animals to become pets and companions. The farm provides for the animals to roam free in a garden-like setting rather then be kept in shelters or within small and closed compounds.

Above is a picture of two workers seeing to the chilli plants growing at the farm. Currently, there is just one dog, a stray that Yeap had picked up (Note from RSC: since this article came out Sabrina has been inundated with calls and the Farm is now full of animals)She said she was confident that the farm would receive public support in time to come. She added that the farm would have a fishpond and there are also plans to rear goats there. Yeap said the farm did not impose any fee on animals that were taken for adoption and that she welcomed contributions – in kind – to help in the upkeep of the farm.

However, she added that they intend to make the farm self-supporting rather than depend on public donations. This would be done by selling their own homemade dog shampoo as well as cakes and vegetables from their farm to the public.

“We also plan to rear free-range chickens and sell their eggs,” said Yeap, adding that they intend to educate children and give them a hands-on experience with animals as well as teach them to care for the animals. The farm has started its own blog as a tribute to an abandoned dog called Sheena. Yeap said the website, which seeks to create more awareness about the “ethical treatment of animals”, can be accessed at

Sheena was abandoned in August 2005 by her owner and was left to starve for many days before she was rescued by the SPCA, who found her tied and sleeping in her own faeces. However the rescue came too late. Sheena had to be put to sleep on Aug 18, 2005.

Monday, December 04, 2006




Hi everyone,

I have been away for for work in Jakarta for the past 2 weeks, and as soon as I get home, I find a puppy on my door step! Literally...When I returned on Saturday, my neighbours came round to tell me that they had tried to rescue this little puppy that had been wondering round our street but their attempts have been in vain. And then they saw some boys throwing stones at the poor thing. They managed to stop the boys but the puppy ran away. And on Sunday night, we saw the puppy again. After some doing we managed to catch it... the poor thing was rather stinky and was very hungry. He gobbled up all the food and milk that I put down for him.

Unfortunately I think he does not trust humans at all cause he is very afraid and crouches at the back of the cage everytime I try to get close. He must have been severely mistreated by all the people that he has come into contact with. He desperately needs a good home where he can learn to trust humans again. Cleo has been great and has been going into the cage to sit with the puppy every now and again.

He's probably about 2 months old or perhaps a bit less as he hasn't got very many teeth. I'll be giving him a bath as soon as he's more comfortable with being around me.

Please help me find a home for this little thing... You can email or call me if you're interested.

My email

My number is 016-322 8816